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International Background Checks and Searches

We have a great deal of expertise with international background requests as well as being asked for criminal searches. Global Investigations are often asked to undertake in-depth relationship enquiries focusing on a person’s character and previous behaviour, employment vetting and nanny checks.


How Long Do Professional Background Checks Take?

A large number of background checks can be undertaken in as little time as 2-3 days, but the main reports normally take longer. Rest assured that we always try and go a great deal further than any other global agency in revealing what our clients need to know.


Working With You Through the Checks

Many situations can require a background check. Whether they’re in the past or present, our services aim to give clarity and peace of mind to all that need it.

We will work alongside you to reveal information throughout the length of the check in a completely confidential manner and one where, least of all, the subject will never be any the wiser.