Employee Absenteeism

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Global Investigations are one of the most prominent investigation agencies in the UK helping to deal with long term employee absenteeism.

We conduct covert private investigations on long term staff who are off work sick and are maybe already “under a cloud”, with little communication between them and with possible rumours and suspicions surrounding their situation.

Employee Absenteeism Issues

Unexpected absences can affect business productivity and profits and if they become a regular occurrence, they may affect morale and motivation. 

As a business owner or HR Manager ensure that you manage sick leave effectively to minimise the impact of absences.

When it is a small or even a medium sized business staff absence or sick leave is a serious matter which can heavily impact on the business. Setting out clear policies, monitoring absences and understanding your legal requirements will enable you to keep on top of the issues and hopefully reduce the amount of time your employees are absent from work.

Also, having employees with health problems, whilst it may impact directly on the effectiveness of a company’s performance, has to be dealt with carefully. Short-term illnesses are covered financially through Statutory Sick Pay and should not impact on business operations to a serious extent.

Our Information & Experience

Our Agents are well versed with Employment Law and act diligently and discreetly and normally operate after an impact assessment from our clients.

When introduced to the situation we will concentrate on the core issue. 

We cover the whole of the UK and overseas and have Agents based in all major towns, cities and surrounding areas. We offer a wide variety of ways to investigate, approaching the situation with due care.

We normally liaise with only one contact at the company and will guide that contact through the initial early period, when we will validate the enquiry. We will ask you to supply us with as much relevant information as possible so we can reach an early conclusion.

Rest assured any assignment undertaken is always handled discreetly and can usually involve unobtrusive surveillance. It may also warrant background checks or a combination of many other different skills.

We will ensure all evidence will be collated in a manner that is presentable in a Court or Industrial Tribunal and all work we undertake will be within the constraints of Data Protection Regulations, good practice recommendations and Employment Law Part 3.

Global Investigations can help you to determine if an employees’ sick leave claim is valid or not.

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It is within the company’s legal right to investigate employees if they feel that things are not going the way they should. It is no small feat for the company to investigate employees if they feel that a certain member of staff is jeopardising the trust issue, secret trading, or moonlighting.

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