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Employee Absenteeism Investigations | Global Investigations

Unexplained employee absenteeism can significantly impact productivity and profits.

Global Investigations provides professional absenteeism investigations to uncover the reasons behind suspicious absences and gather evidence where needed.


Who Might Need Absenteeism Investigations?

If you notice employees frequently calling in sick without explanation, taking excessive leaves, or not showing up, absenteeism investigations can uncover the truth. Common reasons to investigate absenteeism include suspicions of:

> Excessive unauthorised absences

> Fraudulent sick days or leaves

> Moonlighting at other jobs during work hours

> Drug, alcohol or gambling issues

> Family problems or domestic issues

> Stress, depression or other mental health problems

By getting to the root of absenteeism issues, employers can address problems through performance management, counselling referrals or disciplinary action if needed. Our private investigators discretely gather insights.


How Do Absenteeism Investigations Work?

Our expert private investigators legally gather evidence and insights related to questionable absences. Techniques typically include:

Surveillance Monitoring: We can conduct physical or digital surveillance during suspicious absences to gather visual evidence on activities and behaviours.

Background Checks: Looking into an employee’s history for red flags like past attendance problems, bankruptcies, legal issues or addictions.

Interviews: Speaking with an employee’s colleagues, friends or family members to obtain candid insights on reasons for absences.

Computer Forensics: Checking work computers and devices for activity during absences, inappropriate usage or evidence of moonlighting activities.

Social Media Monitoring: Checking profiles and posts for incriminating evidence during suspicious sick days or leaves.


Why Trust Global Investigations for Absenteeism Investigations?

With over 25 years of experience, our professional investigators have handled hundreds of complex absenteeism cases. We operate with integrity and ensure protocols are followed so any disciplinary action holds up legally. Our commitment to discretion protects client privacy.

As an industry leader, Global Investigations leverages contacts and databases providing visibility other employers lack. We know where to dig deeper to uncover the reasons behind suspicious absences. Our insights inform appropriate responses.


Employee Absenteeism Issues

Unexpected absences can affect business productivity and profits and if they become a regular occurrence, they may affect morale and motivation.

As a business owner or HR Manager ensure that you manage sick leave effectively to minimise the impact of absences.

When it is a small or even a medium sized business staff absence or sick leave is a serious matter which can heavily impact on the business. Setting out clear policies, monitoring absences and understanding your legal requirements will enable you to keep on top of the issues and hopefully reduce the amount of time your employees are absent from work.

Also, having employees with health problems, whilst it may impact directly on the effectiveness of a company’s performance, has to be dealt with carefully. Short-term illnesses are covered financially through Statutory Sick Pay and should not impact on business operations to a serious extent.


Extended Sick Leave & Disability Fraud Investigations

Employees improperly taking paid sick leave or disability benefits for fraudulent reasons takes money directly out of a company’s pocket. Our investigators prove fraud by gathering evidence of non-disabled activities like sports, travel or moonlighting jobs.


Job Abandonment & AWOL Employees

When employees simply stop showing up without formally resigning, we investigate reasons. Surveillance, background checks and interviews aim to determine if circumstances like family emergencies, legal troubles or health issues are behind their disappearance.


Maternity & Paternity Leave Abuse

We investigate suspected fraudulent use of maternity or paternity benefits, gathering evidence of employees working other jobs, travelling or engaging in unauthorised activities during paid bonding leave. Surveillance is key.


Absenteeism Investigations FAQs

We legally utilise surveillance, computer forensics, interviews, background checks and social media monitoring to gather visual proof and insights explaining absenteeism. Our investigators are evidence experts.

It involves thoroughly looking into an employee’s background, movements, communications, finances and online activity during suspicious absences. Investigations also aim to identify root causes.

Yes, with proper protocols followed our documented evidence of unauthorised activities during paid leaves or sick days provides legal grounds for disciplinary action or termination.

Costs vary per case complexity, locations and techniques used. Many investigations cost between £3,000-£5,000. Free quotes are provided upfront outlining all charges so there are no surprises.

Contact Global Investigations today for professional and legal absenteeism investigations. Our insights inform appropriate responses.


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