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Nanny Checks, it is absolutely vital to make sure you do a full nanny background check before ever hiring or using a nanny to look after your child/ children. There are a huge number of nanny agencies out there, all of which want you to choose them and hire one of their nannies.

However, many of these agencies will not have completed a full background check on all of their nannies. You therefore need to make sure you obtain proof from the agency before hiring anyone. Alternatively, you can organise your own nanny check.

How Can We Help with Nanny Checks?

We fully understand the need for professional and thorough checks to be undertaken regarding the employment of a new nanny. It is essential to establish the person you are entrusting with the care of your child/ children is the most suitable and safe option.

Our investigative team will undertake a thorough researching exercise into the nanny in question and through our accurate and in-depth research, will be able to determine if they are suitable for such a position of importance.

Experience with issues in this industry

Unfortunately, we hear about and see so many issues in this industry. These issues often come about because of the failure to complete the correct number of checks right at the beginning. Often, especially with nanny agencies, the pressure to rush a job or hurriedly place a candidate is considered to be more important than actually checking the history and character of the candidate is accurate.

Although nanny agencies have improved over the last few years, especially since 2004, where it was estimated that 50% of agencies were not vetting or investigating their nannies to a professional standard, you can still never be too careful.

Nanny Screening

We understand, for many working parents who try to juggle careers with a family, a nanny is not a luxury, but a necessity and that time is often an issue. However, the onus is on you, the parent to verify and ensure the nanny, au pair or housekeeper you employ, can be trusted.

Even if you have proof of a nanny check, we can and will, if you require it, watch the behaviour of your nanny, au pair or housekeeper, both inside and outside your home to put your mind at ease. We can also provide you with the means of doing so if you wish to complete the surveillance yourself.

Don’t take that chance!

It is important to realise the majority of nannies are perfectly trustworthy and respectable; however, when it comes to your child/ children, you just can’t take the chance. The worst thing you can do is to think you and your family are safe and that nothing bad could ever happen to you.

We run nanny checks for a reason and these checks should most definitely be a requirement when you are looking to hire someone to take care of your children. It is best not to leave it to the agency if all they give you is lip service. Unless you can see the checks they have actually made and obtain a copy of the nanny report, do not trust them.

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Always double check your Nanny’s reference

Many agencies out there will use a professional investigation firm, such as ours, however, many will not so it is best not to rely on the data they provide you with. You should always make the effort to double check the information you receive from any nanny agency or nanny themselves and always make contact with the employer and character references they have given.

There is nothing in the world as valuable to you as your children so call us today if you currently require peace of mind.

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