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Need to vet a nanny or childcare provider? Ensure your children’s safety with comprehensive background checks from Global Investigations. Our licensed private investigators thoroughly screen candidates with criminal record searches, reference checks, identity verification, and more.


Who Might Need Nanny Background Checks?

Any family looking to hire childcare help can benefit from professional nanny screening. Whether you found a candidate through an agency or independent channels, an objective third-party assessment from our experts provides peace of mind.

Common reasons families request our nanny background checks include:

> Vetting candidates met through nanny services or online platforms

> Screening family, friends or personal referrals more thoroughly

> Annual renewal checks on existing childcare providers

> Monitoring for any changes in a nanny’s status

Comprehensive nanny checks from Global Investigations ensure you select only the most qualified, trustworthy candidates to care for your children.


What Do Our Nanny Background Checks Include?

To protect what matters most, our nanny screening process leaves no stone unturned. Our UK-wide private investigators conduct extensive checks including:

> Identity Verification: We authenticate IDs, right to work status, visas, and other credentials.

> Criminal Record Searches: We search national and local databases for convictions, charges, or concerns.

> DBS Checks: We conduct enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks per latest standards.

> Employment History: All prior nanny roles and references are contacted and interviewed.

> Qualifications Checks: We verify legitimacy of claimed childcare qualifications and training.

> Social Media Screening: A scan of all social profiles and activity for any red flags.

> Financial Integrity: Credit history, bankruptcy judgments and signs of desperation assessed.

We also provide customised nanny assessment solutions like lifestyle reports, personality testing, health screenings, surveillance monitoring and more for added assurance. Our nanny checks are the most comprehensive in the industry.


Why Trust Global Investigations for Nanny Checks?

With decades of experience in pre-employment screening and HR due diligence, our expert investigators understand what’s at stake when hiring in-home caregivers. We operate discreetly to maintain privacy while gathering insights other background checks miss.

As an established UK leader in private investigations, we have access to exclusive databases and resources beyond public records. Our global connections provide international record access. Customisable nanny checks ensure you get the risk insights you need to select the best fit.

You deserve total confidence and transparency when inviting someone new into your home to care for your loved ones. Trust Global Investigations to provide unrivalled nanny candidate screening that keeps your family safe.


Experience with issues in this industry

Unfortunately, we hear about and see so many issues in this industry. These issues often come about because of the failure to complete the correct number of checks right at the beginning. Often, especially with nanny agencies, the pressure to rush a job or hurriedly place a candidate is considered to be more important than actually checking the history and character of the candidate is accurate.

Although nanny agencies have improved over the last few years, especially since 2004, where it was estimated that 50% of agencies were not vetting or investigating their nannies to a professional standard, you can still never be too careful.


Nanny Screening

We understand, for many working parents who try to juggle careers with a family, a nanny is not a luxury, but a necessity and that time is often an issue. However, the onus is on you, the parent, to verify and ensure the nanny, au pair or housekeeper you employ, can be trusted.

Even if you have proof of a nanny check, we can and will, if you require it, watch the behaviour of your nanny, au pair or housekeeper, both inside and outside your home to put your mind at ease. We can also provide you with the means of doing so if you wish to complete the surveillance yourself.


Nanny Reference Interviews

We conduct intensive reference interviews with provided contacts as well as previously unknown past employers to uncover candid insights on punctuality, responsibilities, integrity, interactions with children and overall performance. Our experts ask the right questions.


Nanny Qualifications Verification

Beyond checking stated qualifications against records, our investigators reach out to certification bodies and academic institutions to validate legitimacy. We watch for falsified or exaggerated credentials. Our verification insights ensure your children receive qualified care.


Nanny Personality & Health Evaluations

For deeper screening, we offer custom personality tests and health/medical examinations tailored to childcare roles. Assessments confirm mental stability, suitability, physical health, substance abuse risk, and highlight any conditions requiring accommodation. Evaluations add another layer of protection.

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Nanny Background Checks FAQs

Our checks reveal criminal history, employment records, identity verification, qualifications legitimacy, litigation history, UK/international sanctions list presence, and various custom screening insights per client needs.

Automatic disqualifiers we screen for include violent offenses, child abuse, sexual assault, theft convictions, habitual illegal substance use, deception indicators and more. We look at the full context but certain red flags must rule candidates out.

Yes, our global network of licensed private investigators and connections with international records databases allow us to conduct checks across 100+ countries. Language is never a barrier to uncovering foreign red flags.

We know which reference questions draw out candid insights versus coached responses. From confirming roles, responsibilities and performance to probing why candidates left positions, we go beyond provided contacts to uncover performance realities.

Trust Global Investigations for the most rigorous, legally compliant nanny screening that keeps your loved ones safe and gives you total confidence in new childcare hires.