Case Study – I think my husband is having ‘cheating holidays’.

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Our client instructed us that she believed her husband to be cheating on her regularly. She advised us that she was semi-aware of his previous affairs, and that there was a lack of love and affection in their relationship, causing our client to become very unhappy. She suspected that he was cheating on her during the golfing holidays he was taking with male friends every four months.  

The client asked us to follow her husband on his latest holiday to Marbella and carry out some covert and undercover surveillance. We instructed two agents to stay at the hotel where the subject and his friends were staying. One of the agents was instructed to befriend the group and stay close to the party during the holiday. The other agent took the role of a bystander and stayed in close proximity to the party, covertly observing their activities.

We were able to gather a substantial amount of evidence that the man in question was conducting affairs behind our clients back, and that her misgivings were justified. Our findings gave her enough evidence to press forward with successful divorce proceedings.


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