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Has your intellectual property or creative work been stolen and used without permission or payment? Global Investigations provides professional copyright infringement investigation services to gather evidence and build solid cases against copyright violators.


Who Might Need Copyright Infringement Investigations?

Copyright infringement investigations may be needed when your unique intellectual property has been used illegally for profit without your authorization. Common victims of copyright theft and violations include:

> Content Creators: Artists, musicians, filmmakers, authors, journalists, bloggers and other creators finding their work copied and monetized elsewhere without permission or payment.

> Businesses: Companies seeing trademarks, proprietary technologies, digital assets, product designs and other IP stolen by competitors who reproduce and sell knock-offs illegally.

> Publishers: Publishing houses and platforms losing revenue due to news articles, images, videos and other media content being shared and monetized without a license.

Our private investigators can uncover copyright infringements and gather the documented evidence needed to build strong legal cases against violators and recover damages.


How to Identify Copyright Infringement?

It is absolutely essential for you to know what rights you have as a copyright holder; otherwise, you may find yourself a We can help you identify and deal with any intellectual property rights (IPR) issues. This means you will be prepared and capable of defending yourself against the ever-increasing counterfeit problems that companies are facing all over the world.

It is absolutely essential for you to know what rights you have as a copyright holder; otherwise, you may find yourself a Below is a standard list of services we offer to identify any copyright infringement:

> Identifying suspects involved in the manufacturing of goods

> Conducting investigations into the background of targets

> Undertaking wholesale, retail, and internet purchases

> Providing technical and physical surveillance

> Performing undercover operations

> Conducting raids on suspects

> Liaising with customs and authorities

> Market analysis and open-source intelligence

> Dark web enquiries and deep OSINT

Please note that whilst the above list is extensive, we may be able to help you in a variety of other ways. Contact us today to discuss your requirements further.

How Do Copyright Infringement Investigations Work?

Our private investigators utilize legal techniques to track down cases of copyright violation and gather evidence. Investigations typically involve:

> Online Monitoring: Scouring websites, social networks, ecommerce platforms and other digital channels for instances of stolen intellectual property, counterfeit goods or digital piracy.

> Supply Chain Infiltration: Going undercover to locate counterfeit production operations and distribution channels trafficking in knock-off goods.

> Media Forensics: Digitally fingerprinting creative works through metadata analysis to trace unauthorized reproductions and usage instances across the internet.

> Financial Tracking: Tracing payments related to infringing goods and services back to perpetrators through bank records, merchant accounts, crypto wallets and other transaction records.

> Surveillance: Monitoring storage facilities, fulfilment centres, sellers at trade shows and other operations to witness trafficking of illegal reproductions firsthand.

The specific techniques used depend on the medium and distribution methods. Our investigators specialize in connecting dots to perpetrators.

Why Trust Global Investigations for Copyright Infringement Investigations?

With over a decade of experience, our expert investigators regularly handle major international copyright infringement cases. We maintain trusted contacts with law enforcement agencies and legal teams globally to build ironclad cases.

As industry leaders, Global Investigations has access to cutting-edge media forensic tools, databases and networks that allow our investigators to quickly identify intellectual property violations and track goods back through complex supply chains. We know where to dig deeper than amateur sleuths to uncover perpetrators.

Our work has led to multi-million dollar judgements against major corporations and counterfeiting rings around the world. Trust us to gather the documentation needed to recover damages from copyright violators.

Trademark Infringement Tracking

Has a competitor or foreign entity stolen your company’s brand identity? We investigate unauthorised usage of logos, slogans and other trademarks across digital channels and physical goods to identify perpetrators for brands big and small.

Counterfeit Production Infiltration

If counterfeits of your products have infiltrated the market, our undercover investigators can locate secret manufacturing operations and distribution channels being utilised globally to traffick fake goods. We identify producers to shut them down.

Digital Piracy Hunting

Our tech-savvy investigators utilise state-of-the-art cyberforensics tools to scour file sharing sites, peer-to-peer networks, torrent trackers and other underground channels to identify large-scale distributors of pirated media and software. We gather evidence to prosecute digital pirates.


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Copyright Infringement FAQs

We legally collect documentary evidence like videos/photos of counterfeit production and sales, digital fingerprints tying entities to theft, financial records showing infringing profit flows, eyewitness accounts and more.

We use legal techniques like supply chain infiltration, surveillance, cyber monitoring, financial tracking and media forensics. Our investigators are experts at evidence gathering.

Yes, the evidence we collect – from valuation of damages to documented proof tying perpetrators to theft – builds strong legal cases for pursuing damages, often in the millions.

No, we can still investigate and prove unauthorised usage even without an official copyright registration, which aids in recovering damages but isn’t necessary to identify theft.

Most copyright infringement investigations take 4-8 weeks but can vary case-by-case. Quicker resolutions are possible for digital violations. More complex supply chain cases take up to 16 weeks. Timeframes depend on breadth of theft activity.

Trust our professional investigative team for reliable copyright infringement investigations that uncover violations and build ironclad legal cases against perpetrator