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Tracing Results Increasing Proficiency

We have dealt with many companies in the past that have had a very bad experience with other tracing or investigation companies. Whether it is being provided with erroneous information or “out of date” details this is detrimental to their business as it gradually results in a decrease of proficiency.

One particular debt collection client joined us at the beginning of last year in the hope of turning round the collection departments’ quarterly profit that was at the time running very poorly. They performed an in-house audit and noted they were having an increasing decline in revenue which appeared to be as a result of a bad tracing service. They were receiving inaccurate addresses, same name wrong persons, and outdated information.

To say they were exasperated with our industry would be understating the situation and this was proving costly to the firm as they were unable to collect on the cases, however, still having to pay the tracing company, sheriffs’ officers and on occasion the court costs.

We are happy to say that since the company has started using our services their percentage of their recovery for this client has increased by 35%.

They now refer to us as an “essential part of their process”.

We are often praised not only for our tracing abilities but also on the high standard of customer service we offer and we are remarked upon politeness, professionalism and client dedication.

Our process is also user friendly and we have exceptional staff that are proficient and deal with requests both swiftly and accurately.

(Please see our Tracing section in Services)

Trademark / Licensing

Various UK and overseas websites were selling our client’s product which was in violation of licensing agreements and trademark laws.

We were engaged and conducted a prolonged investigation, developing undercover buyers across the country to order the product from the various dealers and websites.

We were instrumental in identifying new violating websites and developed a chain of protocol and processed all shipments according to the protocol. In the course of the investigation we learned that many websites were also selling counterfeits of our client’s product information. This was then turned over to the authorities.

The information gleaned by us resulted in the closure of dozens of offending websites. We then also conducted investigations of the individuals behind many of the websites, leading to the further filing of multiple lawsuits against the perpetrators.

Health & Safety Concerns

Our firm was acting on behalf of a large national building firm from the Midlands and the company was worried that certain staff were not adhering to company and UK Health & Safety standards. A senior employee at one site was responsible for instructing all employees to conform to the Health & Safety procedures which would have placed others in danger if not undertaken and also resulted in prosecution by the authorities if disregarded.

The offending employee responsible for instruction in the matter was warned that a zero tolerance was in operation and that cover checks would be undertaken. Despite the warnings from our client, covert surveillance was deployed on the employee and the staff under employee’s guidance. Misconduct was videoed. Subsequently the senior employee was interviewed by the company and sacked negating the need for a lengthy tribunal.

Bug Sweeping

After a large company, based in St Albans, experienced repeated “office leaks” our Agents were called in and after assessing the threat level and procedures in place we were subsequently successful in locating two powerful remotely activated hidden listening devices in the company’s boardroom.

The company in question was very grateful and now regularly has secondary sweeps at irregular times in the calendar year.

We were able to advise the client of our findings and suggest a way forward to deal with such issues should they arise again.

(Please see our Bug Sweeping section in Services)

Staff Pilfering

A timber yard had been losing an unaccountable amount of profit and we were instructed to investigate. We sent some Agents, equipped with hidden cameras, to the timber yard where they were approached by certain members of staff who asked if they wanted to deal cash-in-hand. Our Agents were instrumental in the conviction of two staff members and the problem was resolved.

Insurance Claimants

Our loss adjuster firm were suspicious of an individuals claim and had liability’s reaching several thousands of pounds. They were concerned after a tip off that the subject of enquiry was exaggerating his position and that of the claim.

He claimed his job as a taxi driver was severely restricted and his hours had been minimised greatly due to an accident of a whiplash injury which he alleged had left him largely unable to work.

He was seen playing Sunday league football on no fewer than 3 separate occasions in October 2008 and unsurprisingly settled out of court.

Tenant Vetting

After passing supposedly stringent vetting enquiries a property company supplied a property to a client for residential use.

The client after 6 months subsequently vacated the property with very large rental arrears. He was later traced to Canada and was made to repay the outstanding amount.

(Please see our Vetting and Screening section in Services)

Media Investigations

A media client was tracking a restaurant manager who had a history of filthy kitchens which eventually ended up with him being prosecuted and being sent to prison for 8 weeks. On his release we found him now posing as a head chef in a new establishment. Our files and photos were produced within five days of being instructed to locate him.

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