Safety and security are two of the issues at the forefront of every individual’s mind these days; in this digital age where governments are passing public surveillance laws, and the media is reporting more and more on scandalous invasions of privacy in the celebrity world, people are understandably worried about their privacy when they leave the safety of their home. Audio Surveillance has been, and continues to be, a key... Read More

Counter surveillance, more commonly known as bug sweeping, is the undertaking of physically and electronically sweeping for ‘bugs’ such as hidden cameras and microphones. In this digital world we live in, electronically bugging someone, be they a personal or professional rival, is scarily easy. At Global Investigations we see just how creative these illegal setups can be, and feel it is important for people to be aware of the ways... Read More

How to Use Competitive Intelligence to Gain an Advantage

If you own a business, it’s likely that you’re not unique in your market – there’s always going to be competition. Employing Competitive Intelligence is a smart and effective strategy to attract the majority of your target market and stay ahead of the fast-paced developments. Why Should You Use Competitive Intelligence? As we all know, knowledge is power, and this has never been truer than when it comes to business.... Read More

Concerned about catfishing? Here’s what you need to know… Catfishing is one of the fastest rising online dating scams, something that more and more people are falling victim to every year. If you want to ensure you don’t begin an online relationship with a false identity, we’ve put together everything you need to know; what catfishing is, how to spot the signs and what to do if it’s happened to... Read More

Did you know that sharing your holiday photos on Facebook increases your chances of being robbed? Nowadays, we all live our lives online; in fact, over 1 billion people across the world have and use a Facebook account. We all post our daily news and achievements onto our timelines, usually without a second thought. It’s only when we hear about something going very wrong that we actually stop and consider... Read More

Last summer, the Associated Press working in the USA uncovered the fact that the FBI had been using fake companies in order to conduct secret surveillance on the unsuspecting public. As they had heard reports of a number of low flying planes over major US cities, they decided to investigate what was really going on… What exactly were the FBI doing? The Associated Press found that the FBI had used... Read More

Unlike computers where you can install all kinds of antivirus and anti-hacking software to keep your device safe, our phones are largely left unprotected. This is strange; nowadays, most of us are glued to our phones, they store lots of our personal details and information and they’re an integral part of our lives. Our phones hold our photos, our music collection, our bank details, our social media conversations, our address,... Read More


As in every industry, when you’re looking to work with a private detective,  you want to ensure you’re working with the most professional, effective investigators possible. After all, you’re usually trusting them with very sensitive, personal information, and relying on them to find you the answers that could make a hugely important difference to your life or working situation. So it’s understandable that you want to work with a detective... Read More


Identity fraud is becoming an increasingly common problem; nowadays, there are so many ways for criminals to find out private information about innocent victims, both online and in the real world. It’s important to do everything you can to protect yourself against anyone looking to steal your identity, and it’s easy to make it difficult for them. Follow our 5 top tips to ensure you’re as protected as possible, so... Read More


In an ideal world, using internet dating websites would be a safe, secure and foolproof way of finding a partner online. Even if you didn’t find a ‘happy ever after’ through the site, you’ll have met some great people, and most importantly, you’ll never feel as though your safety or personal information has been compromised. Unfortunately, for a lot of users of online dating, that’s not the case. Fraudsters use... Read More

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