Cohabitation Surveillance

There are a couple of reasons why you would want to undertake professional cohabitation surveillance. At Global Investigations we often deal with ex-spouses who have a matrimonial maintenance agreement in place. Payment of this can be conditional on the recipient not living with someone else as a cohabiting couple.

For those who have a divorce settlement in place, it can still be a big step to employ a private detective to investigate an ex-wife or husband. In most settlements, the wife is still the one who ends up with the kids and gets the maintenance payments. If you think your ex is breaching the terms of that maintenance arrangement, it’s best to find out the facts as soon as possible.

Compiling evidence of cohabitation can be difficult and requires a certain amount of professional surveillance to determine the facts. Taking the decision to employ a professional to undertake this kind of investigative work for you can mean you no longer have to pay maintenance according to your divorce settlement.

Why Do You Need Cohabitation Surveillance?

Our aim is to find out the truth about what situation your ex-partner now finds themselves in. While you may still think that they are playing straight with you, there is always the possibility that they have moved on with their life and have reached the point where legally you don’t have to support them. They’re just not telling you. Most divorce settlements have certain caveats attached to them. For maintenance payments this could include what is called a Minutes of Consent Order. That means, for example, you agree to pay maintenance until your ex-spouse remarries or starts to cohabit with another person.

If you think that this is now the case, the chances are that, if you have this kind of agreement in place, you are no longer liable for maintenance payments.

Covert Cohabitation Surveillance

We are experts at covert surveillance and understand this is all about getting the facts so you can make a value decision on where you stand at the moment. Our investigator will work closely with you to find out what your needs are and walk you through the process of evidence gathering and the kind of cohabitation surveillance that we will undertake for you. We understand that you may be nervous about hiring a private investigator and we’ll make every effort to put you at your ease.

The reason for choosing a team like Global Investigations is that cohabitation can be difficult to define so you need someone who knows what they are doing. We realise that it’s often not just a simple case that someone is living in a particular property with your ex. There could be other indicators that they are cohabiting – for instance, sharing daily tasks such as taking care of the kids, there is evidence of stability in the relationship or even public knowledge that the two are a ‘officially’ a couple.

How We Work with You

We’ll sit down and talk through the situation with you and then come up with a number of approaches that will solve your problem. The key one is normally to gather evidence of cohabitation through a period of surveillance. This could include having a set period of time over, say, a three-week period where we check what your ex and his or her new partner are up to. Our aim is to produce a report that can then be used as evidence in court if we find that cohabiting is taking place.

The Cost of Cohabiting Surveillance

Of course, this is one of the main concerns when employing a private investigator to carry out cohabiting surveillance. We appreciate that entirely, which is why we offer flexibility in our rates. We can charge on an hourly basis of £55 per hour or you can opt for our surveillance package.
But rest assured you can be sure we won’t carry out work that has not been sanctioned by you and which you has not been budgeted for.

Should You Carry Out Surveillance on Your Ex-Partner?

If you have a divorce agreement and you think that your ex is breaking that agreement, then you have a right to change your maintenance arrangement. While it may be okay that your wife or husband has moved on, they don’t necessarily have the right to continue to take money from you for maintenance if they no longer need it. What you do with the information and results we get, of course, is still up to you after the surveillance had been carried out. You’ll have our findings and a professional report and evidence that is acceptable as evidence in UK or overseas court.

Our investigators are highly experienced in dealing with cases of this kind. They deliver a service with a high level of professionalism and, equally important, the degree of discretion that most of our clients in similar circumstances appreciate greatly. Our aim is to provide you with the facts and help you make the decision that is right for you.

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