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There are several reasons why you would need to undertake professional cohabitation surveillance. Whether it be divorce proceedings, child maintenance, or simply for your peace of mind, we can help.

At Global Investigations, we often deal with ex-spouses who have matrimonial maintenance agreements in place. Payment of this can be conditional on the recipient not living with someone else as a cohabiting couple.

For those who have a divorce settlement in place, it can be a big step to employ a private investigator to research an ex-wife or husband. In most settlements, the wife continues to be the one who ends up with the kids and receives the maintenance payments. If you think your ex is breaching the terms of that maintenance arrangement, it is best to find out the facts as soon as possible.

Why Do You Need Cohabitation Surveillance?

Cohabitation is when two people live together as a couple without being married.

A proof of cohabitation is commonly used in matrimonial disputes to prove a breach of contract.

Most divorce settlements have certain caveats attached to them. For maintenance payments, this could include what is known as a Minutes of Consent Order. That means, for example, you agree to pay maintenance until your ex-spouse remarries or starts to cohabit with another person.

While you may think that they are honest with you about their living situation, there is always the possibility that they are secretly cohabiting with someone else – which means legally you do not have to support them any longer.

If you suspect that your ex-partner lives with someone else and you need evidence of their cohabitation, contact us today for a confidential chat.

Our aim is to find out the truth about what situation your ex-partner now finds themselves in.


How to Prove Cohabitation?

In the UK, compiling evidence or proof of cohabitation can be difficult. To truly prove cohabitation, it requires a certain amount of professional surveillance to gather real evidence that can be used in Court. Taking the decision to employ a professional to undertake this kind of investigative work and gain evidence of a change in their circumstance, can result in you no longer having to pay maintenance according to your divorce settlement.

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Covert Cohabitation Surveillance

We offer both overt and covert cohabitation surveillance. A covert investigation is when a detective remains completely undetected.

Our investigators will work closely with you to understand your needs. We will walk you through the process of evidence gathering and the kind of cohabitation surveillance that we will undertake. We understand that you may be nervous about hiring a private detective and we will make every effort to put you at ease.

Cohabitation can be difficult to define. Contact our friendly team today to get advice on the most adequate evidence to prove your case.


How We Work with You

We get to know your situation and goals, and then provide several solutions you can choose from.

We will then gather evidence of cohabitation through an ongoing period of surveillance. This could include having a set period of time over, say, a three-week period where we check what your ex and his or her new partner are up to. Our aim is to produce a report that can then be used as evidence in Court if we find that cohabiting is taking place.

We provide our clients with competitive rates. Our surveillance reports often include Agent’s notes and photographic evidence at no extra cost. Please contact us for more information on 0208 2877 770.


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