Vehicle Tracking

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To home in on the activities of a person, Global Investigations can use our highly skilled vehicle tracking services. This allows you to know exactly where that person has been visiting and for how long. Their exact movements will be detailed and surveyed by either yourself or by trained experts in the field tracing.

The opportunity to discover what your person has been doing can inspire you to act now. Your fears of what the truth may be should not hold you back.

On some occasions tracking a car and a partner may be possible but due diligence by us would have been undertaken.

Your partner’s car is a vital component in the mapping out of their whereabouts, be it during the day or night. Using tried and tested methods, your partner will unknowingly be letting go of any secret that they may be withholding from you.


Who Might Need Vehicle Tracking?

Vehicle tracking services may be utilised by both personal and commercial clients. Common situations where our vehicle tracking can help include:

> Tracking a cheating spouse – If you suspect your partner is being unfaithful, our GPS trackers can reveal their movements and uncover deceit. We legally gather data on destinations, call logs, texts and more.

> Monitoring teen drivers – Many parents leverage our trackers to ensure their newly-licensed teens drive responsibly, legally and avoid dangerous behaviours when first behind the wheel.

> Fleet and asset management – For companies managing large fleets of vehicles, our real-time GPS fleet tracking improves efficiency, safety and accountability. Track vehicles locations, speeds, etc.

> Recovering stolen vehicles – Our concealed trackers continue transmitting location data even if a car is stolen. We’ve helped safely recover countless stolen vehicles for clients.

> Insurance fraud investigations – By revealing actual vehicle usages, routes and driver behaviours, our tracking helps insurers detect fraudulent claims and prosecute fraudsters.

From concerned parents to suspicious spouses and insurance companies, many clients leverage our vehicle tracking for valid, legal purposes. We operate with integrity and ensure proper protocols.


Tracking My Wife/Husband

In most cases, the law will allow you to track a car that belongs to you and that is registered in your name. However, very little has been tested in the courts, so this remains a grey area with things such as surveillance and matrimonial situations.

If we are in a position to advise you and assist you in a very difficult case where location is paramount, then we will respond to your enquiry. With our vehicle tracking services, you’ll find that Global Investigations work in a highly professional, yet personable manner.


How Does Vehicle Tracking Work?

Our expert tech team equips client vehicles with compact GPS tracking devices to monitor movements 24/7. Devices self-install easily and transmit real-time data on location, stops, speed, mileage, geography, ignition status and more.

Data displays visually on dynamic maps within our client portal and mobile app. Alerts keep clients updated on arrivals/departures, unauthorised usage, speeding, unauthorised stops and more. Video and audio features are also available.

We store data securely in the cloud for easy access anytime. Our UK-based live support team is available to clients by phone when urgent tracking assistance is needed. Maintenance is low hassle – our trackers self-recharge while driving.


Why Trust Global Investigations for Vehicle Tracking?

With cutting-edge devices, encrypted data security and decades of experience, Global Investigations leads the industry in vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions. Our dedication to ethical practices also sets us apart.

We operate legally within regulations to empower clients with data insights while respecting the privacy of any third parties involved. Our discreet services help clients get the clarity and peace of mind they seek.

In addition to our expert staff and latest tech, our global presence and reach gives us advantages over smaller competitors. Our seasoned investigators can also analyse tracking intel to support legal cases like insurance claims.


Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

Our live tracking dashboards and mobile apps display cars locations in real-time 24/7. Watch vehicles travel turn-by-turn as journeys happen for total visibility. Features like geofencing and customised alerts keep you updated on a driver’s movements.


Historical Tracking Analysis

Beyond real-time tracking, our secure database stores the complete history of trips and driving behaviours for analysis. Playback journeys visually on maps to analyse past routes, stops, detours, speeds and more. Great for assessing teen driving habits.


Fleet Tracking & Management

For enterprises managing large fleets, our expansive platform tracks all vehicle locations, health metrics, maintenance schedules, fuel consumption, driver behaviours and more. Gain operational insights to optimise efficiency and safety. Integrates with telematics and other fleet systems.


Vehicle Tracking FAQs

Our vehicle tracking services fully comply with regulations like GDPR, the Data Protection Act, Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) and relevant surveillance laws. As long as performed ethically by licensed professionals like us, tracking is legal.

Our inspectors have sophisticated, discreet installation techniques to conceal trackers in wheel wells, bumpers, under carriages and other ingenious hiding spots. Devices tuck away out of plain sight so cars appear unmodified to drivers.

With advanced GPS and cellular signals, our trackers achieve sub 10-foot accuracy in most regions. Location pings happen every 60-90 seconds when powered, providing precise real-time visibility at all times. Geographic obstacles can occasionally impact connectivity.

Our versatile tracking platform works across all consumer and commercial vehicles – cars, lorries, motorcycles, construction equipment, boats, caravans, and more. As long as a vehicle has battery power, our rugged devices can track its movements.

Contact Global Investigations today for more information on our cutting-edge yet discreet vehicle tracking services to provide the location visibility and insights you seek.