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To home in on the activities of a person, Global Investigations can use our highly skilled vehicle tracking services. This allows you to know exactly where that person has been visiting and for how long. Their exact movements will be detailed and surveyed by either yourself or by trained experts in the field tracing.

The opportunity to discover what your person has been doing can inspire you to act now. Your fears of what the truth may be should not hold you back.

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On some occasions tracking a car and a partner maybe possible but due diligence by us would have been undertaken.

Your partner’s car is a vital component in the mapping out of their whereabouts, be it during the day or night. Using tried and tested methods, your partner will unknowingly be letting go of any secret that they may be withholding from you.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking plays an integral part in the tracking of a person. Whether it’s a car, van, motorbike, or lorry, their every movement in any location can be spotted and mapped out using state of the art tracing technology.

Your need for the truth is our priority. Therefore, the vehicle tracking that we conduct is paramount to the investigation. So much can be deciphered and unearthed through the vehicle: how long they have been travelling, their pinpoint location, the duration of their stay and many more clues besides.

Tracking My Wife/Husband

In most cases, the law will allow you to track a car that belongs to you and that is registered in your name. However, very little has been tested in the courts, so this remains a grey area with things such as surveillance and matrimonial situations.

If we are in a position to advise you and assist you in a very difficult case where location is paramount, then we will respond to your enquiry. With our vehicle tracking services, you’ll find that Global Investigations work in a highly professional, yet personable manner.

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Your case will be met with the full support of our team of experts. You will be given guidance and a full breakdown of how events develop.

Don’t delay any longer and let Global Investigations take control. Discovering the truth will enable you to move forwards.

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