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Making a Payment

If you need to make a payment to us for a particular job or service, you can call a friendly member of staff at our office on 0208 287 7770 to make payment over the phone with a dabit or credit card. We do accept Amex, however a small percentage may be added to the required payment. Please note to call during office hours of 09:00-17.30 as our after-hours staff cannot take payment.

We also offer bank transfer should you prefer an eletronic method. All our invoices have our bank details listed for payment, however we are happy to provide separately if you require. We ask that all online payments use the invoice number as reference or the clients name, to allow us to allocate the payment.

We will of course also accept payment in person and if wanting to do so, please call us and arrange a suitable time for you to visit us.

In some case, we may also accept PayPal and can provide our link if required. Please enter this amount into the Global Investigations fee box which will appear once you have clicked on the PayPal link provided.

We would link to remind you that most of our tracing services are covered by a 60 day guarantee that the information we provide is correct and if that within 60 days you believe this to be wrong and we cannot rectify it we will gladly refund the whole fee incurred.

Please click here to make a PayPal payment