Tracing Heirs

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Global Investigations offers an extremely methodical and diligent approach to tracing heirs. We are passionate and committed about every single tracing method we use and each and every case we handle is undertaken with the greatest respect and handled with the levels of privacy required.

Finding your heir

Our in-depth understanding of the technological and historical sources available to us ensures the majority of enquiries we take on are successful. We are proud to state we often accomplish the end goal – finding our client’s heir – even when we have little information to go on.

We offer a unique approach to finding heirs and our key services include but are not limited to:

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  • Finding missing people, such as executors, trustees, protectors, shareholders, dormant account holders, freeholders in land or property, pension trustees or life insurance policy beneficiaries, and successors to any of the foregoing
  • Friendly & efficient no-nonsense service with the reassurance of our strong, international network
  • Providing regular updates on work in progress at intervals choose by you
  • Completing work within your specified time scale
  • Clear and concise documentation that has been cross-checked and is easy to understand.

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Tracing Family, Next of Kin or Heirs FAQs

Do you do DNA tracing?

We do not undertake DNA tracing. However, we are experts in tracing and locating family members all over the world. Global Investigations can help trace long lost family members using very sparse or outdated information. If you have undertaken DNA testing with services such as Ancestry®, we may also be able to find an individual you have been linked to via these services.

Do you locate family or individuals abroad?

Absolutely! We have agents both in the UK and globally who will work tirelessly to locate individuals abroad. Global Investigations hold a prominent presence within the investigations sector abroad. Tracing and running complex investigations overseas requires professional expertise and specialist knowledge which in turn provides our clients with results they need.

Can you locate birth or death records in the Republic of Ireland?

Yes. Although the process differs slightly from the UK, we can access birth or death records in Ireland. We do require specific points of information to locate the record and in instances where our clients may not have this information, we can help by undertaking preliminary work to gather this for you.

For more FAQs regarding our tracing services, please see our FAQs page.

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