About Us

The HQ of Global Investigations is in Greater London.

After our inception in 1994, we have since grown into a world-renowned, tenacious and resolute investigative detective agency, with some of the most experienced private investigators in the country.

We have four key areas of the business:

  1. Tracing – Our UK tracing team works solely from our main UK offices but covers both UK and overseas people tracing and asset tracing enquiries.

  2. Background and Vetting – Our dedicated background and vetting team are also based in-house.

  3. Intelligence and Surveillance – Our intelligence and surveillance team are used for all our surveillance operations and undercover investigations. This team is based across the UK in such places as Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cardiff. Our surveillance team also has the authority to use reliable contracted sub-agents if required and if agreed by our clients.

  4. Technical – Our technical team undertake risk assessments in our clients’ businesses and include our TSCM bug sweeping technicians across the whole of the UK.

International Investigations

We are extremely well-regarded in the industry for our expertise in resolving international cases that other agencies simply do not have the resources for. We consistently deliver on our promises, where others fail to, as they do not have the breadth of international agents that we do.

Our name, Global Investigations, intimates that we have a global presence and we do. Over the years we have built up an impressively solid reputation within the industry, in every single country we operate in, from the UK and Europe to the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

This international presence enables us to offer you far more than any other local competitor and makes our job of cross-border tracing a whole lot easier. Our overseas success rates easily match our UK achievements and we are proud to have developed extremely professional, amicable relationships with other agents in numerous cities across the world.
As one of the leaders in our field we know how important it is to maintain a reputation, which is why we commit to maintaining this in each and every case we take on.

All of the work we undertake is regulated by our own strict code of ethics, principles and morals and we believe our success rate continues to grow directly because of this. We absolutely pride ourselves on our ethical tracing and investigative methodology, which bring us in line with all the regulations stated by the Data Protection Act and the new GDPR rules.


Our Reputation

Choosing the right investigations agency is of paramount importance, as unfortunately there are many rogue agents out there who will promise you the earth but not deliver. What makes Global stand out from the rest – we care! Our agents are not just investigators but are profilers with many years’ experience, enabling them to read between the lines and provide fully cohesive reports. We are always willing to go the extra mile. Always ensure any agency you speak to is a member of the ABI (Association of British Investigators) as we are. We are also fully British Standards compliant and registered in Ireland via the PSA.

See review area on ‘Choosing the Right PI Company’ for further information.


Our Security

We pride ourselves on our dedication to adhere to the incredibly high levels of security we have had in place from the very beginning. We currently implement Egress email encryption software which is an industry-certified secure email software providing total control over shared information. Egress is free for our clients to access.

All paperwork is securely locked away behind key-coded entry doors inside lockable filing systems and is adequately disposed of once the specified GDPR dates have passed, provided the documents are no longer required.

Our offices are also fully alarmed with sensors and cameras on all floors. Activation of these sensors will send a signal to the Police who will issue an immediate response.


Our insurances

We have full professional liability and indemnity insurance cover. We also have fail-safe disaster recovery plans in place, which means you can be assured your information, data and research are absolutely safe in our hands.

In terms of how we work; upon receipt of your instructions we will assign one of our handpicked, expert investigators to take on your enquiry and they will see it right through to the conclusion. They will also be supported by our experienced, friendly and fully staffed customer service team. This enables us to ensure we always respond to your enquiries efficiently, swiftly and with the upmost professionalism.


Our Coverage

We can provide our services on a local, national and international scale having had a great deal of investigative experience across the UK, Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East. We have worked in over 150 different areas and countries and our international expertise is unrivalled.


Contacting Global Investigations

Please email us at info@globalinvestigations.co.uk or call us on 0800 073 3555 if you have any questions or if you would like to know more about one of our areas of capability. If you would like to read some of our previous older Case Files please visit here.

If you are an existing client or have been asked to complete a form to send to us, or would like to see a sample of our reports, please access our Document File page, and go to Our Downloads area. If you are interested in just understanding a situation or are unsure as to what you are involved with feel free to see our Warning Signs to Look Out For, here


Planning on calling us or visiting our offices?

Our team often dedicate time for our business clients. However, we encourage our private clients to arrange an appointment too. We are aware this can be a new experience for some and a lot of people can get nervous when speaking with a private investigator and the initial call can, at times, be a big decision, but we are a very welcoming team and will always appreciate a chat or a personal visit from you.

Please be assured we understand the sensitivity and privacy attached to such issues and we will always offer a friendly, reassuring and sympathetic ear.

Our team knows how important it is to listen and as such we allow you to determine the pace of the conversation. Once you have explained your exact issue, your objectives and requirements, we will take you through a suggestion of options and will work with you to establish the best way forward.