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Global Investigations specialise in online blackmail and harassment investigations. There has been a significant increase in cyber-harassment and bullying in the UK over the last few years.

Online harassment can be abusive, violent, threatening, racist, or explicit online content – this can range from identity theft to racial abuse, blackmail, and bullying.

Victims of online harassment often contact a private investigation firm like Global Investigations to provide them with the necessary evidence to stop these atrocious online harassment predicaments.


What Constitutes Blackmail in the UK?

Blackmail is a criminal offense. It’s an act of making unwarranted demands with menaces in order to attain personal gain or project loss on another person or people.

There are many forms of blackmail and online harassment. The perpetrators are very sophisticated in setting up fake profiles and email addresses. However, they are equally naïve in thinking that they cannot be found.

Where possible, once our investigators have established the perpetrator, our team will provide a number of options to be followed to ensure that the online harassment stops.

One option is to make contact with a specialist Solicitor who deals specifically with harassment cases, ensuring that victims are legally represented against the harasser.


Are You a Victim of Blackmail or Sextortion?

If you believe you are a victim of blackmail or sextortion or know someone who is, please call our friendly specialist team confidentially on 0208 287 7770.

Sextortion, also known as webcam blackmail, is a form of cybercrime where criminals in possession of sexually explicit content (images, video clips) threaten to share them with the victims’ friends and family if they don’t pay.

This can make the victims feel extremely ashamed and embarrassed thinking they can’t ask for help.

Please know that there is no shame in flirting or cybersex, and you haven’t done anything wrong. It’s safe to come forward with your problems.


Facebook Sextortion – How it Usually Works

Facebook is the most common platform where sextortion begins.

Criminals might befriend victims on Facebook. After some initial casual chatting where the individual will try to gain access to personal information such as your telephone number, they may suggest a video chat.

They often use an attractive individual to entice the victim to participate. These individuals may be part of the scam and also benefit financially, however, they may have also been coerced via threats.

Once chatting the conversation usually becomes of a sexual nature quite quickly. Once you have engaged in the act, it may be only a matter of minutes before the blackmailer sends a photo or short video of yourself and threatens to share the content unless payment is made.

The next steps are very important and although your initial knee-jerk reaction may be to send them the money. Don’t! Because if you do, in most cases the blackmail only continues.


What to Do If You Are a Victim of Blackmail or Sextortion?

If you’ve fallen victim to blackmail or sextortion, you need to prevent them from getting any further information about your identity and contain any exposure.

Here is what you can do yourself immediately:

> Make all social media profiles private – this prevents the blackmailer from gaining any further information about your contacts and stall for time by telling them you are trying to get the money to pay.

> Do not pay – we do not suggest ever sending money to a blackmailer, as they inevitably ask for more and more once they know you are willing to pay. You are also at risk of giving them even more information. For example, if you pay by PayPal, you could be giving them an email address that further identifies you. If they want you to take a photo of the Western Union or MoneyGram transfer sheet, you will be giving them your real name and address.

> Do not block the blackmailer – if you block the blackmailer and they have contact information on another person in your life, they will make contact. By keeping communications going, you have control and the time to take further steps.

> Take stock of the information you have provided – they may say they have your partner’s email address or phone number, but they could be lying about what data they possess. Global Investigations have worked on several cases where the blackmailer did not have the information they said they did. Sometimes the blackmailers are professional fraudsters while others have been poorly organised and random chancers.


Who Might Need Online Blackmail and Harassment Investigations?

Online blackmail and harassment investigations may be needed if you or a loved one are being threatened, coerced, or extorted online. Unfortunately, cyberbullying, harassment, stalking, and blackmail schemes are on the rise. Common situations where our professional investigations may help include:

> Dealing with abusive messages, violent threats, racist attacks, or explicit content being sent to you online by an anonymous individual or group. This ranges from identity theft to racial discrimination, blackmail, revenge porn, and more.

> Falling victim to a sextortion or webcam blackmail scheme where intimate images, videos, or information is being used to extort money from you. Criminals threaten to share embarrassing content with friends/family if demands aren’t met.

> Being stalked, monitored, or hacked by a stranger or former partner who won’t leave you alone and continues contacting you against your wishes through various online channels.

> Having an unknown individual or group stealing your identity and photos to create fake profiles intended to defame or harass you online.

> Being targeted by a persistent fraudster using intimidation and threats in an attempt to scam you out of money through blackmail.

Our professional investigators can track down online harassers and blackmailers to stop attacks and bring them to justice legally. We help terrified victims take back control of their lives.


How Do Online Blackmail and Harassment Investigations Work?

Our expert cyber investigations team utilizes ethical, legal strategies to gather evidence on online harassers and blackmailers. Investigations typically involve:

> Digital Forensics: We analyze devices, accounts, messaging apps, emails, and the wider digital footprint associated with the attacker to uncover identifying information that points to who they are and how to locate them.

> Surveillance Monitoring: If possible, we monitor the perpetrator’s online movements, communications, and activity to build evidence against them and patterns in their behavior.

> Background Research: Looking into the attacker’s aliases, language use, mentioned personal details, and other breadcrumbs they left to piece together a profile.

> Financial Tracking: Following the money trail if any funds were paid helps identify banking information and connections that reveal the criminal.

> Contacting Platforms: Working with social networks, apps, ISPs, and other platforms the harassment occurred on to preserve data and identify the perpetrator.

We then contact authorities to pursue legal justice against the online criminals we uncover. The specific techniques used depend on the nature of the attack and evidence available.


Why Trust Global Investigations for Online Blackmail and Harassment Investigations?

With over a decade of experience, our cybersecurity experts have handled hundreds of online abuse and extortion cases. Our commitment to discretion protects client privacy throughout. As technology advances, so does our expertise in digital forensics and cyber investigations.

We operate on the side of the law, ensuring our investigative methods are completely legal and ethical. Evidence we uncover stands up in court against online harassers. Our global connections also allow us to work collaboratively with international authorities if criminals are abroad.

Most importantly, we have a proven track record of identifying anonymous harassers and stopping traumatic online attacks. We empower victims to take back control. Police unfortunately lack resources to adequately investigate online crimes – but our dedicated specialists will always fight in your corner against cyber harassment.


Sextortion and Webcam Blackmail Investigations

Sextortion is a devastating form of cybercrime where criminals threaten to share sexually explicit images or videos of victims publicly online or with loved ones if demands aren’t met. Our investigators can track down sextortionists.


Revenge Porn and Image Abuse Investigations

We can locate those responsible for stealing and sharing explicit images without consent. Our investigators utilize cutting-edge techniques to identify perpetrators and have intimate media removed from websites. Fighting back is essential.


Cyberstalking and Harassment Investigations

Being stalked and harassed online can severely damage mental health. Our expert cyber investigators adeptly track down cyberstalkers and anonymous online harassers to stop abuse. We help terrified victims regain personal safety.


Online Blackmail and Harassment Investigations FAQs

We legally utilize digital forensics, financial tracking, surveillance monitoring, contact platform analysis and other ethical strategies to gather irrefutable evidence on cybercriminals for authorities. Our methods stand up in court.

Our cyber investigations acquire evidence like communications records, account usage data, geo-location records, device analysis, money transfer information, and other digital footprints that reveal the harasser’s identity and crimes.

By tracking down the perpetrators. We urgently work to identify sextortionists using financial records, digital forensics, and contact platform data. We then provide this evidence to authorities to pursue legal justice against them – halting threats.

Yes. We work relentlessly to locate whoever stole and shared private images so that they can be held legally accountable. We also utilize specialist contacts to expedite removal of nonconsensual content from websites.

Costs vary per case complexity. The more sophisticated the cyber-harassment is, the more intensive the investigation. We offer flexible payment plans and won’t overwhelm victims who are already distressed. Discreet financial assistance options are also available.

How Can We Help You?

If you have been a victim, Global Investigations can help to find the criminals and stop the harassment. We will help to prevent exposure while we assess the information you hold on the harasser or blackmailer.

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