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One of the biggest fears for landlords is that their tenants will up and leave the property without notice, leaving damage and/or debt. If you have this problem, you’ll need a landlord & freehold tracing service.

Remember, you have rights and your tenants should never leave a property without:

a) Giving notice
b) Paying for any damage they have caused
c) Leaving a forwarding address.

If your tenant has left your property without giving you the money they owe or paying for any damage they have done, you have the right to trace them. Keep in mind also; any fees you might incur from having to trace them can be classed as additional charges, which they will have to pay.

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How Can We Help Trace Your Tenants?

The ideal time to start tracing a tenant, if they have a debt to be paid to you, is a few weeks after they have left your property. This gives them time to settle into a new place and makes it a lot easier for them to be traced.

Once we have located them in their new property, we can look into further information for you. For instance, identifying their assets or employer tracing so you can apply for an attachment of their earnings. We can also start any legal proceedings required to recover your monies, pay for damages and/or compensation you are owed, through the Small Claims Court.

Tracing Freeholders

This is a very different scenario and often means we have very little to work on and/ or old information. We therefore approach freeholder traces bearing these factors in mind and, making the most of our experience and expert knowledge, generally have a lot of success finding the subjects in question, even in cases where they have relocated across the other side of the globe.

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We are extremely confident that our advanced tracing methods will bring you success; so much so in fact that we offer you this service on a No Trace, No Fee basis. This means you can be assured we will work our very hardest to locate your wayward tenant and recover your monies, wherever they might be.

We have a long history of investigative success, having spent many years investigating fraudsters and professional debtors, bringing them to justice and fulfilling the needs of our clients. This vast amount of knowledge and expertise has led to a 90%+ success rate in tracing absent tenants. In trusting Global Investigations to locate your absent tenant, you can be confident that we will live up to our reputation of excellence and deliver you the results you are after.

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Landlord & Freehold Tracing FAQs

See below some of the common questions we receive from our corporate and private clients. The answer to your question might be below!

Can you find out who owns a property or a piece of land?

Yes, our agents have assisted many clients to assess who is the registered owner of a property or freehold/leasehold. With over 25 years’ experience, our agents have located owners of properties abroad, have ascertained historic or previous ownership of properties and assisted to locate freeholders or their descendants.

Can you assist with neighbour land disputes?

Disputes with neighbours are more common than you may think, and our company assists several clients in regards to neighbourhood disputes each year. We can access public records on our client’s behalf to ascertain land records and title plans which can show exact land boundaries. We can even help to locate previous neighbours for statements if needed.

For more FAQs regarding our bug sweeping services, please see our FAQs page.

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