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Process serving is the process by which legal documents, giving notice of specific court action, are delivered to the person involved, such as a defendant. Process serving occurs in order to give the person involved fair amount of time to respond to the notice before the court case, tribunal or any other proceeding takes place.


Who Might Need Process Serving?

Process serving ensures legal documents are properly delivered to the intended recipients in accordance with all legal requirements. Our professional process servers may be utilised anytime documents need to be formally served, such as for:

> Lawsuits & Legal Proceedings – We serve subpoenas, summons, complaints, motions, petitions, and all documents related to civil lawsuits, family court matters, bankruptcy claims, and any other legal action.

> Business Disputes – Service of process for business-related litigation involving breaches of contract, enforcement of agreements, labour disputes, debtor claims, regulatory violations, and any commercial or corporate legal matters.

> Real Estate Issues – Matters involving property disputes, boundary issues, construction claims, landlord/tenant conflicts, unlawful detainers, foreclosures, and related legal cases often require process service.

> International Service – For global disputes and overseas legal processes, we utilise our international network to properly achieve alternative service methods.

Basically anytime a court or legal proceeding is initiated, process servers deliver the required documents informing the parties involved. We ensure every aspect follows proper protocols.


How Does Process Serving Work?

To officially commence many legal actions, the defendant or respondent legally must be presented the documentation in-person by an independent, neutral third party. Our professional process servers personally deliver the documents and provide detailed affidavits confirming proper service was achieved.

We utilise comprehensive legal databases and investigative techniques to locate subjects and ensure proper identification. Our teams are highly experienced in achieving in-hand delivery even for evasive subjects across international jurisdictions when required.

If necessary, we have legal means to perform “substitute service” when the subject avoids direct delivery. We record delivery confirmation through signed affidavits immediately after service is executed. Our attention to detail guarantees full legal compliance.


Why Trust Global Investigations for Process Serving?

With decades of experience, Global Investigations offers reliable, legally-compliant process serving backed by our $10 million professional liability insurance coverage. Our commitment to integrity ensures the legal proceedings commence properly.

We maintain extensive information resources allowing our process servers prompt location of subjects’ current addresses and whereabouts. Our global capabilities facilitate international service of process across six continents adhering to the Hague Convention as needed.

Our process servers prepare detailed affidavits of service conforming to all legal requirements to facilitate your proceedings. We lodge completed affidavits directly with appropriate courts as an added value-added service. Trust Global Investigations for an efficient, compliant process serving facilitating your legal matters.


How Can We Help with Process Serving?

We are one of the most trusted resources on the web for locating and using local process servers. We have representatives in every major town across the UK and also have the full capability to serve overseas, having regularly served Europe, America and Asia. This means we are able to meet the increasing demand of our clients who are requesting our Process Serving services after such things as having a trace completed.

We are able to arrange collection of your documents, if collection is needed, and aim to carry out service within 72 hours of receiving them. All of the agents used by us to process and serve are under contract, pre-screened and fully qualified, so you can be confident they can be trusted to serve your documents. They will also attempt service on 3 occasions at any given address.

Once your documents have been served, we will prepare the necessary Affidavit, Certificate or Statement of Service in-house. These will be sworn accordingly and delivered to you immediately.

Some of the documents served by our process servers include:

> Applications

> Witness Summons

> Statutory Demand

> Bankruptcy Petition

> Winding Up Petition

> N39 Order to Attend Court

> N84 Interim Third Party Debt Order

> Non-Molestation Order

> Divorce Petition

> Family Proceedings

> Witness Summons

> Subpoena

> Freezing Order

> Possession Order

> Notice Seeking Possession

> Residency Order

> Occupation Order

> Committal Notice

> Prohibited Steps Order


High Court Enforcement

For High Court enforcement orders involving seizing goods, evicting occupants, or other enforced actions, Global Investigations provides certified High Court enforcement officers to legally carry out the court’s orders. Our officers strictly adhere to proper protocols while sensitively conducting difficult enforcement.


International Service of Process

For overseas disputes involving foreign defendants, achieving proper service abroad can be challenging. Global Investigations maintains trusted partnerships with process servers across 190 countries. We ensure defendants are correctly served wherever they may be located in full accordance with the Hague Convention.

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Process Serving FAQs:

We have extensive expertise in all permissible methods – personal in-hand delivery, substitute service, posting service, electronic service via email/social media/apps, business service, residential service, international service adhering to Hague Convention protocols, and more. Our process servers utilise the legally valid options for each case.

We need the full legal name of the recipient, recent residential address, employer details if possible, phone/email contacts, social media profiles, and any other locational insights. Pictures are also very helpful. Our teams utilise sophisticated information resources to fill any informational gaps.

Our investigative techniques leverage contacts, databases, online information, credit checks, known associates/relatives, visual surveillance, and other legal means to pinpoint current addresses and patterns of movement for subjects if standard address details are inadequate or outdated.

Pricing is based on the complexity, locations, subjects involved, and other variables on a case by case basis. Many factors like evasive subjects, overseas service, detailed affidavits, court lodgment, etc can impact costs. We provide custom quotes tailored to the specifics of each service of process order.

Simple local personal delivery can be immediate but most legitimate process serving allows a certain statutory period for subjects to avoid claims of “sewer service”. International service adhering to Hague Convention takes several weeks at minimum. We provide expected timeframes as part of our pricing quote.