Case Study: Can I be certain that the person I’m in love with is for real?

Our client had been speaking to the subject of enquiry for several months on a dating website. They hadn’t met, but they contacted each other every day and were close.

On the day of their first meeting, the client received an email from the subject, advising her that he had to go home to care for his mother, as she had suffered a stroke. He then informed her that because of the stroke, he would need to transport her to various appointments for her rehabilitation. He told the client that all of his money was tied up and that he would need to borrow some in order to cover the cost of his vehicle. The client transferred £7,000 to the subject’s bank account. She then didn’t hear from him again. She contacted us initially because she wanted to confirm that he was okay.

However, it was soon apparent to us that not everything was as it seemed. The client confirmed that she had not actually spoken to the subject. Although photographs were exchanged, our investigations revealed that they were fake, as was his dating profile, and that all the personal information that he had provided to our client was false. Despite presenting himself as a UK resident, the subject was in fact a con man in Nigeria.

We provided our client with a full report and instructed her to inform the dating agency. We also advised her to refrain from making further contact, and to change her securities, her email address and contact numbers, just in case they had been forwarded to other scammers – as is often the case.


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