Enhanced Due Diligence

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Need to conduct deeper investigations into high risk individuals or organisations? Global Investigations provides professional enhanced due diligence services to uncover hidden risks. Our private investigators go beyond basic background checks to leave no stone unturned.


Who Might Need Enhanced Due Diligence?

Enhanced due diligence is necessary when assessing high risk candidates in industries like:

> Financial Services – Senior executives, traders, advisors and other personnel in banking, asset management, private equity, and other financial sectors.

> Public Companies – Board members, C-suite executives, founders and major investors in publicly traded companies.

> Politics & Government – Candidates for public office, senior civil servants, diplomats, judges, and more.

> Technology – Key decision makers at firms dealing with sensitive user data, infrastructure, AI ethics, and other critical areas.

> Defence & Security – Leadership of contractors providing sensitive services to police, military, intelligence agencies and related entities.

Our enhanced checks minimise legal, financial, ethical and reputational risks when partnering with such individuals and organisations.


How Does Enhanced Due Diligence Work?

Our expert investigators utilise legal methods to build an extensive profile, including:

> Deep Background Research – Thorough document searches, database checks, credential verification, and more.

> Expansive Interviews – In-depth discussions with the individual, associates, former colleagues and other contacts.

> Social Media Audits – Comprehensive analysis of current and historical social accounts and activity.

> Asset InvestigationTracking finances, properties, investments and other holdings globally.

> Court Record Checks – Reviewing legal filings, judgments, bankruptcies and other cases globally.

> Surveillance Monitoring – Discreetly observing movements and activities firsthand where necessary.

We correlate data from myriad sources to uncover inconsistencies, red flags and previously unknown information. Our insights identify true risks.


Our Enhanced Due Diligence Procedures

Before we undertake the checks, we would clarify the requirements of the work and provide an accurate estimate on price and duration for each enquiry. For individual checks, we would agree on the defining elements.  Some of these elements are listed below; some will not be relevant for the business or the industry in view.

> How many heads we are investigating personally and to what extent you would like us to go to

 > Whether we are required to make visits to any addresses or premises, either in a covert way or pre-planned

> The speed of the enquiry, do you have any time constraints?

> Inappropriate manager interests, including all potential self-dealing, nepotism and related party transactions

> All regulated PEP checks on all regulated parties

> Sanction checking worldwide

> Source of wealth confirmations and validations

> Misrepresentation on CVs and inaccurate descriptions of professional employment

> Full trading analysis and if required covert unannounced visits and audits

> All directorships and share involvements & business records and trading relationships

> Criminal or civil litigation or adverse regulatory actions

> Where the people or previous checks are based, how much of the work will be undertaken in the UK, are there any other foreign domiciles to check?

We also undertake many related enquiries in the sector like KYC searches, M & A led enquiry’s and CV and resume checks as well, having – as our name would suggest – a global reach and coverage and employing many bilingual agents at the company to help with any language issues.


Why Trust Global Investigations?

With over 25 years experience, our skilled investigations team have handled enhanced due diligence across sectors. Our strict protocols ensure all local laws are followed. As trusted industry leaders, we have extensive global databases and contacts providing unmatched access to records, documents, sources and infrastructure. No other firm can dig as deep as efficiently while maintaining discretion.


Political Enhanced Due Diligence

When candidates seek public office, our investigators thoroughly vet their background to minimise reputational risks. We verify their stated credentials, qualifications, career history, published writings, speeches, financial history and more. Where gaps exist, we dig deeper through interviews, record searches and boots-on-the-ground research. Nothing is left to chance.


C-Suite & Senior Executive Vetting

To minimise financial, ethical and efficiency risks, our enhanced due diligence provides complete visibility into a candidate’s history before they assume leadership roles in your company. We uncover everything from past jobs, qualifications, legal issues, bankruptcies, tax problems, personal conduct, conflicts of interest, social media activity and more. Our insights allow fully informed hiring decisions.


Enhanced Due Diligence FAQs

Our licensed investigators use legal methods like surveillance, interviews, public records access, database searches, computer forensics, online profiling and more. We correlate data from myriad sources to uncover hidden risks.

Deeper insights into professional conduct, legal issues, judgements, bankruptcies, tax problems, questionable affiliations, conflicts of interest, social media activity and other red flags that basic vetting misses.

Financial services, defence contracting, technology, pharmaceuticals, public infrastructure, transportation, crypto/blockchain sectors and other high-risk industries often necessitate enhanced vetting of key decision makers.

It goes much further than a basic background check to leave no stone unturned. The depth of research across more areas is vastly greater, as are verification processes, analysis and boots-on-the-ground investigations where needed.

Our team of licensed, expert private investigators conduct all enhanced due diligence. We have experience handling sensitive investigations across sectors globally while maintaining strict discretion. Trust our team to uncover the full truth.

For high-stakes enhanced due diligence investigations, rely on the experienced team at Global Investigations to minimise risks for your organisation or campaign. Contact us in full confidence.