Case Study: Should we really employ this person? 

Our client approached us with concerns about a prospective employee. This person was due to be employed in a position of trust and had confessed to having convictions for drugs offences during the interview process.

The client asked us to compile a full background check; she suspected that the subject had purposely confessed to the drugs offences as a smokescreen, deflecting her attention from other offences and issues. So we concentrated our enquiries on the subject’s criminal background in order to establish whether he had a propensity for serious, violent or dishonest offences.

As it turned out, press reports revealed that the subject had been charged with racially aggravated harassment and assault on a Thai female in Blackpool in 2008. Unusually, even though every possible avenue was explored, official police and court records could not substantiate the charge.

We concluded therefore that it was likely that the subject had been involved in the offence, but that we could not be certain of his guilt, nor of the extent of his involvement. To be on the safe side, our client decided not to offer the subject the position.

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