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Need to stay ahead of the competition? Global Investigations provides professional competitor intelligence services to uncover vital insights about your rivals. Our expert private investigators legally gather intelligence to expose vulnerabilities, growth strategies, new product developments, marketing plans, and other useful data.


Who Might Need Competitor Intelligence?

Competitor intelligence helps businesses, investors, and other organisations benchmark themselves, predict trends, and seize advantages. Our services benefit:

> Companies want insights before product launches, expansions into new markets, or major campaigns. We reveal competitor reactions, saving you time and money.

> Investors need data to inform decisions around funding, acquisitions, or stock performance predictions. When it comes to risk analysis, our intelligence at Global is unmatched.

> Startups looking to carve out market share. We uncover competitor weaknesses to exploit and strengths to emulate.

> Corporations benchmarking performance vs rivals. Intelligence keeps you competitive long-term.

In any industry, knowledge about the competition is power. Our lawful intelligence gathering provides the visibility you need to compete at the highest level.


How Do Competitor Investigations Work?

Our expert investigators utilise legal methods to gather invaluable competitor insights, such as:

> Surveillance Monitoring: We discreetly observe key personnel, offices, R&D, supply chain, and other aspects to visually uncover intelligence.

> Insider Informants: Developing contacts within a competitor who feed us rumblings about new strategies, products, challenges etc.

> Communications Monitoring: Legally accessing phone records, emails, texts and analysing them for intelligence.

> Database Access: Leveraging our contacts to gather intelligence from various private and public databases.

> Undercover Operations: Carefully planned undercover assignments where our operatives pose as potential customers/employees.

> Analytics: Correlating various sources of intelligence to derive actionable insights about next moves.

Our tailored intelligence gathering plans utilise optimal techniques to uncover exactly what you need to know to outsmart rivals; – you also need to know your customers!


Why Trust Global Investigations for Competitor Intelligence?

With over 20 years’ experience, our intelligence professionals include ex-military, law enforcement, and intelligence agency personnel. We operate legally and ethically at all times. Our commitment to discretion protects client confidentiality.

As trusted leaders, Global Investigations maintains an extensive intelligence gathering network. Our contacts provide data access and insider informants that other firms lack. We know where to dig deeper and how to analyse intelligence to derive powerful insights competitors miss.


Product Development Intelligence

Before bringing new products/services to market, our undercover operatives can uncover competitor reactions, saving you time and money. We gather intelligence around development cycles, launch dates, marketing plans, and supply chain issues.


Marketing Campaign Intelligence

Stay steps ahead of marketing efforts by rivals. Our intelligence reveals budgeting, ad targeting, promos/pricing, partnership deals, and more well in advance so you can anticipate and counter for best results.


Merger & Acquisition Intelligence

Looking to buy or merge with a competitor? Want to know who is courting your company? Our corporate investigators uncover backchannel talks, shareholder sentiments, valuations and other useful intelligence to inform your M&A strategy.


Expansion & Growth Intelligence

Expanding into new regions or verticals? We uncover competitor expansion plans, real estate activity, hiring initiatives, regulatory issues and other intelligence to reveal obstacles and opportunities early.


Competitor Intelligence FAQs

Yes, our trained intelligence professionals only use legal, ethical techniques to gather competitor data, such as surveillance, public records access and confidential informants. We never engage in illegal corporate espionage.

Using legal methods, we gather intelligence around strategies, product launches, campaigns, mergers & acquisitions, expansions, financial performance, supply chain issues and more to empower your decision making.

We go beyond surface-level market data to uncover hard-to-access, forward-looking intelligence on specific competitors. This arms you with advanced insights they don’t want you to have.

Our global intelligence network gathers competitor data across many industries like technology, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, consumer goods, industrial, nonprofits and more.

Most corporate intelligence investigations take 4-8 weeks depending on objectives, techniques required, locations and number of competitors involved but can vary widely in complex cases.

Contact Global Investigations today for legal, ethical competitor intelligence gathering that provides the actionable insights you need to maintain competitive advantage.

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