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Tracking Services

Our tracking teams will, in next to no time at all, report, locate & reveal your subjects location and intentions.

Our virtually undetectable black boxes can give you a constant log of where and when a vehicle has been and stores them for your perusal, this information is then accessed securely online by you only and our field teams are placed on standby for any further needs.

We undertake both vehicle and people tracking services for our clients up and down the UK.

With multiple agents operating in towns all around the country, we have the added benefit of understanding local areas with incredible precision. This helps us understand more about where your car will be going, and more importantly, where to recover it from.

This also helps us when dealing with short notice requests from clients, as we are able to undertake surveillance mission in other parts of the country at a moment’s notice. From these strategic positions, our investigators can recover video footage which will help you get the results you need.

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Our Tracking Services

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All our agents are able to attach the required trackers in a very short amount of time. The devices we use are the best that can be bought in the trade, having no identifying markers to tell who owns it and where it originates from.

We now use small, simple 3-inch by 4-inch black boxes with no charging ports. They are able to tell us instantly when a car has started to move, what speed it is moving at and in what direction. We can also track, log and save all the stored areas the vehicle has been to that day and provide that information to our clients in a timely fashion throughout the duration of the tracking.

Cost-Affordable Tracking

We also use state-of-the-art websites that are covertly hidden and accessed by only our clients for the duration of tracking with a special password and login. These can be accessed by our client’s Smartphone if need be. Best of all, the trackers can be a very cost-affordable way to tell if a person is telling the truth without using the full surveillance option, which can invariably be more costly.

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