Criminal Court Checks

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In the UK, the law stands that you are unable to check a criminal record without permission and that of course is more accustomed to a vetting check or job application where the subject has the benefit of supplying permission.

Therefore, although we cannot do an official criminal record check, we can undertake enquiries into why a person has been to Court. If the Stenographer has recorded the events, what happened and when it exactly was this can be of great value to the client in making assessments of an individuals’ previous character.

Each Court can be different, and the search length is usually 7-8 years. We will check Crown and Magistrates’ Courts where serious crimes are held and even High Courts where financial and business irregularities are more often recorded.

For example, somebody may begin dating a person who provokes suspicions in other family members. In this instance, background checking or a criminal record check may be desirable to ensure peace of mind and discover whether there is any justification for these suspicions. This is paramount in extremely concerning situations, where we can advise our clients with a criminality check on a person if they are in a vulnerable situation or have a child or elderly person in a vulnerable position.


Comprehensive Court and Public Record Checking

As professional private investigators, when you choose Global Investigations, you are guaranteed professionalism, honesty and a dedication to getting the results you need.

Even companies and organisations often approach Global Investigations to perform a criminal record check on current or prospective employees. This is to ensure they have been truthful during the application process. Particularly in roles that require handling of delicate materials, large amounts of money, or when working in roles of high responsibility.

An official criminal record check with the subjects’ permission is still performed with discretion and can help put your mind at ease if you suspect an employee or prospective employee may have withheld some vital information.

Our expert team has performed many employee background checks and we can help you get the answers you need.

As always, Global Investigations will perform checks with the utmost professionalism, discretion, and consideration. We have a respectable reputation for our diverse services, with a wealth of positive testimonials available for perusal on our site.

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