Covert Surveillance & Investigations

All our Covert Surveillance agents are trained to be highly conscientious, incredibly patient and fast thinking.  For over 20 years we have employed a variety of female and male operatives, young and old, who are competent in all sorts of situations and are dressed appropriately and, crucially, are well-equipped for every eventuality.

Often when clients have a frequent need to use our services such as Affairs of the Heart or Matrimonial Investigations.  They will remark that they have not used or seen the level or standard employed by our Covert Surveillance team before and are thrilled by our service. We are trained and disciplined enough to know the professionalism that is required for all our roles and all the local relevant laws.

Our Surveillance Services

Our agents in most circumstances are able to report back to our clients with audio and visual demonstrations of what has happened that very day and our full field teams are equipped to deal with every possible scenario that presents itself.

We operate all over the UK every day and have regular based teams able to respond to anywhere in the UK within minutes and hours.

Covert Surveillance

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