Case Study: Can I do a background check on my father’s partner?

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Our client was a man living overseas who approached us with concerns about his father’s new partner. His main concern was finding out her intentions, since his father was considerably wealthy and she was younger. He wanted to know if she was a ‘gold-digger’. The main objectives for us were:

> confirm her identity

> confirm her financial standing

> conduct general investigations into her lifestyle and background in order to provide our client with peace of mind that nothing untoward was happening.

Our investigation consisted of discreet enquiries with local neighbours, press and media searches and specialist in-house database checks. These enquiries revealed that the subject had had one long-term relationship with her husband of 30 years, a relationship that had ended with his death. They also revealed her to be financially comfortable, with assets including property and funds left over from the sale of her former home. No visible debts or country court judgments were registered to either of her previous addresses, and she didn’t appear to have any history of bankruptcy or insolvency.

We concluded that we believed the subject to be a respectable individual, with no untoward motives or hidden agendas. We could see no reason why she would enter into a new marriage lightly or with any associated “issues”. We reported this to our client, and advised him that it was fair to assume that the subject was merely seeking companionship.


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