Occupancy and Residency Confirmation

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At Global Investigations we help our tenancy and landlord clients to ascertain residency at an address to confirm who is residing at the property.

This can be done in a covert or overt manner.


Most Common Reasons for Occupancy and Residency Checks

The most common reasons to check occupancy and residency at a particular address include:

> To assess if a property is being sub-let

> To check if additional tenants have moved in without notification.

> To assess employment of the tenants/residents

Our clients usually undertake occupancy and residency investigations for the identification or litigation purposes.

But these can also be done for different reasons such as a deterrent or something they can store for when and if needed.

Sometimes, our private investigators are asked to determine who the owner of a property is. This may be for building plans, or to get in touch directly with an owner due to a property dispute, or similar enquiries that will benefit the client. The client may only have partial or outdated information, where an owner may have moved or may be deceased. Our specialists are able to glean information regarding new owners, next of kin, or residents.


Who Might Be Interested in Residency Confirmation?

The typical clients include:

Landlords: Sub-letting and unknown tenants are the biggest issue for some of the clients we assist and once they are in possession of the crucial information, they are then in a position to move forward with necessary action. This can save landlords thousands of pounds and ensure properties are not being misused.

Schools: Schools go through an arduous process to ensure children attending the school are living within the catchment area and have the right to attend. Many require documentation to prove which area you live in. Parents looking to get their children a competitive edge may fabricate information about their residence in order to be within the necessary border – this is commonly known as ‘district jumping’. Global Investigations can complete residency checks and verification of residential status to ensure schools are being provided with the correct and up-to-date information. We provide this investigative service to schools or parents, so they can take the necessary action.

Solicitors/those involved in litigation: Solicitors or individuals undertaking legal action may be sending correspondence to an address without receiving a response. In these situations, Global Investigations can assess if the individual is still believed to be a resident at the address and is simply ignoring mail to evade legal action or has moved. Our specialists can not only assess if a subject remains at the address but if they have moved, can assist to trace them to a new address.

Should you be interested in our occupancy and residency confirmation services, please contact a member of our team on 0208 287 7770.


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