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Global Investigations is dedicated to delivering high-quality due diligence services that ensure you have accurate up-to-date intelligence before conducting business deals such as company acquisitions and mergers, or the setting up of a new business relationship. This has always been important but is now even more so due to the turbulence of the global economy.


Who Might Need Due Diligence?

Due diligence investigations may be needed when entering into major business deals, investments, mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, hiring executives, or other significant commitments. Having complete information upfront protects organisations from unnecessary risks and liabilities.

Common reasons companies and individuals utilise our professional due diligence services include:

> Vetting potential business partners, investors, or acquisition targets to uncover hidden issues before transacting

> Researching companies considered for significant procurement contracts to avoid working with disreputable firms

> Screening potential board members and senior executives before appointing them to crucial leadership roles

> Evaluating third party vendors that will access sensitive systems or data to understand their security posture -Examining the background of joint venture partners to determine suitability and uncover any red flags

Essentially any major commitments where significant money, data, systems or reputation are on the line can warrant thorough due diligence beforehand. Our private investigators provide the intelligence needed to avoid unwelcome surprises.


How Does Due Diligence Work?

Our private investigators leverage both human discernment and the latest proprietary databases to conduct in-depth due diligence research. Techniques typically include:

> Analysing company ownership structures, leadership profiles, operations data and financials

> Searching litigation records, criminal databases and global sanctions lists to check for red flags

> Interviewing current/past employees, partners, vendors and other associates for candid insights

> Verifying credentials, qualifications, experience and capabilities through primary source checking

> Performing onsite assessments using physical surveillance and mystery shopping for direct observations

> Digging into digital footprints and dark web activity using ethical hacking techniques

> Forensic accounting investigations tracing cash flows to highlight financial irregularities

> Utilising local contacts and translators to access information internationally

Our multifaceted approach leaves no stone unturned. We analyse findings, connect dots across data sources, identify inconsistencies and red flags, and highlight residual risk areas. Clients gain actionable intelligence to inform decisions and negotiate terms.


Why Trust Global Investigations for Due Diligence?

With over 25 years of experience serving clients worldwide, Global Investigations has earned a reputation as the leading international due diligence firm. Our adherence to strict investigation protocols combined with access to exclusive information resources allows our findings to withstand rigorous scrutiny.

We maintain global partnerships providing boots-on-the-ground intelligence in 100+ countries. Our multilingual research analysts and local contacts overcome barriers accessing overseas records. Few due diligence firms can match our international reach.

Clients trust us to handle sensitive matters with utmost discretion. We operate legally and ethically at all times. Dedication to client objectives – not just checking boxes – ensures our clients gain decision-useful insights from our work.

When selecting a due diligence partner, trust Global Investigations to deliver complete, reliable intelligence protecting your most crucial business commitments.


How can we help in your due diligence enquiry?

Our experience in due diligence investigation services, both in the UK and across the globe, have given us an acute awareness and understanding of the particular issues that need to be looked into as we gather information on the company or individual in question.

Our clients assign us to conduct domestic and international due diligence investigations for: potential acquisitions, joint business ventures, partners, vendors, suppliers, competitors, subcontractors, investors and even on candidates to be hired for executive or other sensitive positions.


M&A Due Diligence

During mergers, acquisitions, or investments, we verify the accuracy of information shared by targets and uncover additional intelligence to inform negotiations. Rigorous financial, operational, compliance, cyber and legal assessments highlight risk factors.


Third Party Due Diligence

We vet suppliers, consultants, channel partners and other third party relationships posing significant risks if not properly managed. Research establishes their capabilities, integrity, data security and suitability for access to sensitive systems or data.


C-Suite & Board Member Vetting

Before appointing senior leaders or directors entrusted with governance, our enhanced background checks validate credentials, qualifications, history and integrity. We uncover red flags like undisclosed bankruptcies, lawsuits, conflicts, criminal issues and more.


Ongoing Monitoring

After initial due diligence, additional risks can emerge over time that threaten key suppliers, partners, investments or new leaders. Our ongoing monitoring continues evaluating associated parties, providing alerts to new red flag events so clients can respond appropriately.


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Due Diligence FAQs

Our comprehensive due diligence assessments include extensive background research, document analysis, database searches, primary source verification, site visits and global intelligence gathering to develop a complete risk profile.

We uncover extensive details on company ownership, leadership, operations, finances, legal issues, controversies, capabilities, compliance, cybersecurity, integrity and more to highlight risks clients should factor into decisions.

Due diligence leverages research analysts, private investigators, forensic accountants, local contacts and the latest records databases to legally and ethically access information internationally. Findings are correlated to provide insights undetectable to average individuals.

While individuals can access some public records, the depth of intelligence needed to protect major investments requires professional-grade tools and access. Our experience knows where to dig deeper beyond surface-level checks average people can run.

Reputable due diligence firms follow best practices published by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Council of International Investigators, and other professional investigator associations. Firms like Global Investigations adhere to ethical investigation standards.

For professional due diligence support on your most crucial business commitments, contact Global Investigations today. Our discrete and thorough approach provides the intelligence needed to inform major decisions.