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Our doorstep trace and contact team are now instructed on a daily basis to not only trace the subjects we are asked to but also to instigate a dialogue between the subject and the instructing client.

This can be for a variety of ways and they normally fall under certain categories:

  • Tracing for debt
  • Tracing to recover possessions
  • Tracing of vehicles
  • Problem debtors
  • Tracing to recover company goods
  • Tracing for family reunions

Once a trace has been completed we will contact the subject in question and attempt to make a verbal agreement with them to release any goods or make payments and ideally encourage them to contact the client.

We can also make contact with the subject and then attempt for the call to be put through to your office to your designated member of staff.

The main benefit of trace and contact is when we make the contact at the doorstep of the traced person and discuss the reasons why we are there.

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Other options we suggest in doorstep visits are below:

Trace and served Subject traced and with our verified address, served within allotted time
Trace and verify Customers’ traced and a representative to visit customer’s address for further confirmation and to determine with photographic evidence
Trace and mediation Our agents acting on our clients behalf will trace the subjects and make contact with them by either telephone or doorstep conversations. We try and mediate with the subject and on most occasions reveal financial situations and means test the subject
Trace and film Customer traced and filmed covertly at premises * possible surveillance implications
Trace and activity Customer traced and their activity attempted to be gleaned in accordance for any surveillance or process serving benefits

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