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People go missing for a variety of reasons, and although there may not be sinister reasons behind the disappearance, it can still be distressing and problematic.

Contacting the police for missing person enquiries is not always practical, and that’s where Global Investigations can help.

We are a private eye investigation agency who can help you find a missing person or find information on people in a swift, delicate, and discreet manner. With over 80 years’ combined experience, we have built up a national and global reputation in not just searching for people, but, more importantly, finding them.

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We have a dedicated team of highly skilled, bi-lingual staff who know what it takes to find someone. They are experts on tracing people in the UK and overseas, so don’t presume that your case is too complicated to resolve. Simply contact us to discuss the nature of the case and how we can help.

Whether you are searching for a family member, company employee who has gone AWOL or customer who owes you money, we offer a professional and sympathetic service that can help you in finding a missing person and resolving your problem as soon as possible.

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We have teams that are working all over the world, dealing with varied cases involving only part information sometimes and in the most difficult of circumstances.

In places such as South America and the sub-continent, you can be rest assured that if we take your case on, we will be honest and conscientious and we will do all we can to reunite you with the person you are searching for.

We truly believe that we are one of the finest agencies in the world. We offer our clients unrivalled expertise, dedicated trace agents and high-quality customer service that makes us the number 1 choice here in the UK and even globally.

When it comes to discovering the addresses for people who have gone missing, we offer great support and will send out an electronic pack for the request of information. This is so our team have a total understanding of your case. Even the smallest piece of information or description may help us in tracking them down.

We ask you to try our services and see the difference we can make. Contact us today to see how we can help you with missing person enquiries.

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