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Do you have a missing loved one you desperately want to locate? At Global Investigations, our expert team of private detectives specialise in missing persons cases, reuniting families across the UK and worldwide. We utilise all legal methods to find missing people.


Who Might Need Missing Person Investigations?

Missing person enquiries may be needed when a loved one, family member, friend or associate suddenly vanishes. Common reasons people utilise our missing person investigations include:

> Family members searching for a missing relative that has lost contact

> Finding friends or colleagues that have gone missing unexpectedly

> Locating children in parental child abduction cases

> Tracking down missing beneficiaries, debtors or ex-employees

> Finding missing parents, siblings or other lost relatives

Our compassionate investigators can pick up the search when police exhaust leads or classify cases inactive or cold. We provide worried families with answers and closure.


How Do Missing Person Investigations Work?

Our private detectives leverage legal methods and advanced tools to track down missing people’s current whereabouts or piece together their last known movements and interactions. Investigations typically involve:

> Interviewing the missing person’s relatives, friends, employers and associates to uncover leads on their disappearance

> Researching databases, public records, social media activity and other sources for clues pointing to their whereabouts

> Digital forensics on the missing person’s computer and mobile devices for recent activity traces

> Analysing financial records and transactions that may indicate movements

> Conducting surveillance at previously frequented locations

> Working with various contacts and informants who may have information

> Coordinating with authorities and other organisations as needed

Every case is unique. Our private detectives determine the optimal investigation techniques based on the specifics of each disappearance. We leverage global contacts and resources to widen the search.


Why Trust Global Investigations for Missing Person Cases?

With over 25 years of experience, our caring yet professional investigators have worked hundreds of complex missing persons cases with successful outcomes. We always operate with discretion and integrity, ensuring lawful protocols are followed during investigations.

As an established investigation firm, Global Investigations has contacts across various industries and access to exclusive databases that facilitate deeper digging. Our connections and resources allow our investigators to make breakthroughs when all other avenues have been exhausted. Families can count on our perseverance.

Our mission is not just to uncover clues but also provide families with a sense of resolution and closure. Even in the worst cases, we deliver answers to help the grieving process.


Missing Children & Parental Abduction Cases

Parental child abductions unfortunately occur more often than one would hope. We assist left-behind parents to legally locate and retrieve children taken domestically or internationally without proper consent. Our global connections are crucial for tracking children through various countries.


Missing Persons Networking & Alerts

We tap into various missing persons networks across UK police, charities, community groups and international agencies. By circulating details of the disappeared through this extended network, we cast a much wider net to increase chances of discovery.

Our advice to clients is also to use social media alerts and community notifications to aid search efforts. We help craft effective messages and alerts for dissemination online and locally.


International Missing Person Investigations

Has a loved one gone missing while travelling or living abroad? Our global reach allows us to launch international missing person investigations in over 100 different countries and territories. Our multilingual investigators can overcome language barriers to search effectively.


Missing Person Investigations FAQs

We use interviews, public records, databases, surveillance, informants, online activity tracking and other legal methods. Our global connections and investigative expertise significantly boosts success rates.

We need a recent photo, full legal name, aliases, last known location/contacts, identifying details like age/height and any other helpful info on places frequented, friends, employers, etc.

While every case varies substantially, our highly skilled private investigators succeed in closing a large majority of missing person cases. Our wide net through police, charities, informants and global connections aid discoveries.

Most cases resolve within 2-6 weeks but can take longer depending on complexity. Quicker discoveries are possible but increase costs. We provide frequent status updates to clients throughout investigations.

Do you need professional assistance locating a missing loved one? Contact Global Investigations today for discreet, ethical investigations that reunite families.

Do you need professional assistance locating a missing loved one? Contact Global Investigations today for discreet, ethical investigations that reunite families.


Enquire about a missing person today!

We have teams that are working all over the world, dealing with varied cases involving only part information sometimes and in the most difficult of circumstances.

In places such as South America and the sub-continent, you can be rest assured that if we take your case on, we will be honest and conscientious and we will do all we can to reunite you with the person you are searching for.

We truly believe that we are one of the finest agencies in the world. We offer our clients unrivalled expertise, dedicated trace agents and high-quality customer service that makes us the number 1 choice here in the UK and even globally.

When it comes to discovering the addresses for people who have gone missing, we offer great support and will send out an electronic pack for the request of information. This is so our team have a total understanding of your case. Even the smallest piece of information or description may help us in tracking them down.

We ask you to try our services and see the difference we can make. Contact us today to see how we can help you with missing person enquiries.


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