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Here at Global we realise how important it is to have absolute trust in any Close Protection Team to help assist and ease any stress and enable you to fully focus on your work schedule or enjoy your relaxation time. 

We realise that it is quite possible for you or those around you to receive unnecessary interest and this can often be impulsive and difficult to manage. 

Our services are personalised according to your individual needs. 

We will carry out a risk assessment before skilfully planning tailored practice and procedures to account for any eventualities. 

When we assign one of our team that is perfect for the role ahead and carefully matched to the client and the surroundings, we will always instil the confidence needed for such an undertaking.

All our private investigators have been trained extensively and many are multi skilled in languages and personal performances, as we believe in the importance of engaging personable and very experienced Agents for all our roles. 

It is particularly important to us that the Agents are confident, approachable, and wise but also courteous so that our clients and their team with whom they work feel that ultimate assurance. 

To discuss how you could benefit from our close protection services please give us a call or send us an email with your questions. 


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We are the highest rated private detective firm in the UK, trading  for over 29 years. Your confidentiality is prerequisite with all we do and your case will be handled with the utmost care. Ask us anything and we will be happy to assist, with no obligation to proceed at all.