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If part of your business operates by providing companies with credit accounts, it is absolutely essential you are in a position to access their historical financial data. Company credit checks are a vital step of the process before agreeing to provide any company with credit on their account.

Full company credit checks will provide you with all of the necessary information required to make prudent financial decisions, such as setting a credit limit, if you decide to set one at all. Company credit checks can be helpful at any point; from initial set up of the credit agreement and regular monitoring of the account right through to the termination of the credit agreement if the account owner is negligent.

What you’ll discover from a Credit Check

Company credit checks will enable you to discover:

  • If the company is historically unreliable when it comes to balancing their credit accounts
  • If they are currently in an unstable financial position
  • If any other creditors are chasing them for payment
  • What the company’s current legal status is; so you can commence recovery action on their delinquent account.

All of the above highlights the absolute importance of running initial and regular company credit checks.

We provide credit checks service

If you are entering into a new business relationship, or are in a position where an individual or company owes you money and you are looking to recover it, then we can, of course, provide you with our company credit check service.

Our credit checks will provide you with a wealth of information about your potential clients or business partners and give you everything you need to enable you to make an informed financial decision. Loaded with the information we provide, you will be able to easily assess a company or client’s worth and this will help you set the appropriate terms for the credit agreement.

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Monitoring you current clients credit

If you decide you wish to monitor the financial position of a company, or individual, who currently has a credit agreement with you, we can also organise this. These midway checks are an excellent idea as they will allow you to reassess credit terms if the company or individual is making late payments or even none at all.

We are also able to run credit checks on individuals, however, the majority of the checks we undertake are, in fact, on businesses. Normal company credit checks will include:

  • Company name and number information
  • Registered office address and trading addressees
  • Credit score information
  • Credit limit information
  • Share summaries
  • Known directors and addressees
  • Profit & loss information
  • Balance sheet summary
  • County Court Judgements
  • Mortgages and charges
  • Key industry sector trends

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