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With technology developing at speed and various audio/visual bugs being more readily available, people need reassurance that their private conversations are in fact private. The only way to confirm or deny such suspicions is by utilising out highly sophisticated equipment and expertise that allows us to do bug sweeping.

Bug Sweeping Specialists

We have a team of electronic, mechanical and acoustic engineers of which can be called on from all four corners of the UK and regularly conduct various difficult and problematic sweeps and offer that reassuring feeling once we have found issues or given a clean bill of health to our clients.

We will welcome your call and can respond to your situation in hours, we will work around your needs and are often working through the night to minimise disruption and interference in the removal of any hidden devices.

Please note: when enquiring about our bug sweep services, do not contact us from a suspect telephone

Choosing the right P.I. to run your bug sweeping & TSCM service

If you have fears over using a private eye or you feel that there are too many to choose from and no idea on how to decide and on whom you should use, please see our article we published about choosing a P.I., as we take our clients requests incredibly seriously and we recommend to our clients that making the right choice first can be the difference you need.

We have a warning section, where you are welcome to peruse and read over such sectors as infidelity, being bugged, Dating Rules, Nanny Checks and as advised above choosing the right Private Investigator.

All our main investigators are checked for criminal records, financial probity, business competency and relevancy with our governing body the ABI.

Bug detectors – an aid to keeping your business and profits secure.

You may think that bugging devices are the stuff of television dramas and James Bond films, but the truth of the matter is very different. If you run a business, you and your profits could be harmed by competitors who are bugging your office.

Just about anyone who has access to your premises can place a simple radio frequency bug which can be planted in seconds, and from that moment on any conversation you have with colleagues can be relayed to them.

Sweeping for bugs the professional way

Think about the people who have access to your office. As well as all your staff members, there are cleaners, contractors, and even security guards who can wander around the building without being challenged. Employees like these have been used to plant bugging devices on behalf of somebody who wants to know what is going on in secret meetings. Just imagine the damage that a simple bugging device could cause. That is why more people are turning to Global Investigations for help when it comes to debugging a premise, or bug sweeping to ensure that you haven’t been targeted.

Global Investigations have a team of electronic, mechanical and acoustic engineers who can help you with debugging your premises. When it comes to sweeping for bugs, we are experienced in conducting difficult and problematic situations, and are able to reassure clients once the debugging process has been carried out. If something untoward has been found, they will take care of it, with the minimum of fuss and maximum discretion.

Bug detectors

The debugging team can respond to your situation in hours, and will work around your needs. If necessary we can work through the night to minimise disruption and interference to your business. If your business has been targeted you can be sure that the debugging team will find the device. We use a variety of equipment, including the latest in bug detectors, so you will have complete peace of mind that once the debugging team has been around your premises, your business will be secure.

Removing bugs – what else is there to know?

When the Global Investigations experts are sweeping for bugs, we are not just looking for listening devices. There are other methods which competitors can use to spy on you, for example, if you have a cordless keyboard with your computer, this can be bugged to transmit all of your keystrokes including your passwords. You won’t even be aware that this is happening, until you suddenly realise that your competitors seem to know exactly what you are doing and planning.

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Debugging – help yourself to spot the signs.

There are some clear signs which may indicate that your premises are being bugged, and before you call in the experts in removing bugs, have a good think about what has been happening lately. It could be that confidential information about your business is falling into the hands of competitors, or perhaps your office has been broken into but nothing of value was taken.

A radio frequency bug is simple to install. If someone knows how to plug a plug into a socket they can plant a bug, it’s that easy. You probably won’t be able to spot it yourself, so let the debugging experts do it for you.

Bug Sweeping FAQs

What does 'debugging' or 'sweeping' mean?

This is the process of scanning a particular premises, vehicle, or device to ascertain whether anyone is using monitoring equipment. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), commonly known as ‘bug sweeping or security sweeping’, involves not only the detailed physical and technical inspection of the work or home environment but also detecting potential areas of vulnerability.

Do we sweep both private properties and corporate offices?

Yes, we undertake sweeps for both private individuals and corporate clients ensuring we provide the same high-quality service for both.

Who might need a TSCM or bug sweep?

Businesses who are experiencing higher than average rates of losing tenders, staff losses, or information leakage may wish to undergo a security sweep to rule out the possibility of corporate espionage.

Individuals who are concerned about in-home privacy often wish to undergo a bug sweep to rule out clandestine devices that may have been planted by a current or former partner, landlord or previous tenant.

Anyone wishing to gain peace of mind that their information and privacy remains safe may wish to undertake bug sweep.

How can I tell if a property, car, or device is bugged?

The answer to this is that there is no easy way to tell. However, there are several tell-tale signs:

  • Is sensitive information clearly being leaked?
  • Are the contents of private conversations being mentioned by someone who was not involved in the conversation?
  • Has your telephone changed in sound recently or is your battery draining very quickly? Have the settings changed on your laptop of desktop computer?
  • Are files missing?
  • Have you had any unexpected callers or visitors to the office or home?
Do we use specialist equipment?

Yes! Our technicians are trained using some of the best equipment in the industry. Some companies from the investigations industry will use sub-par equipment which is worrying as the level of detection is poor and inadequate. This can ultimately make the situation worse, as it can lead to the perpetrators knowing you are concerned.

Our agents will arrive with a variety of high-quality devices from various manufacturers. This means we can offer you a comprehensive service that includes the use of NLJD’s and top professional RF and GSM detectors, thermal imagery and spectrum analysis and full telephone checking systems and numerous devices we would prefer to keep guarded. Rest assured if our technicians arrive, they will be armed with the highest quality equipment and training.

Is the sweep confidential?

Yes, very much so. We also operate in many ways so that the sweep stays confidential. This includes booking in the work over the weekend and in evening slots and working during the rough of night if required, or by arriving in unbranded vehicles and by working under a guise at the home or business and having a cover story agreed.

Are we able to work weekends or overnight?

Yes, and although this takes more time to allocate a slot and position, it is one we do a lot of especially for small and large businesses.

Can we do reports on what we have done or seen?

Yes, of course we can. Please ask for this if you are asking us to check your home or vehicles, as we do this normally on the business sweeps we undertake. We will look at all security and technical aspects and make recommendations in the areas we have looked at or discussed with our contact, and when we have found a device, we can – if the client wishes – enter that device into a chain of custody with us.

What sort of devices are common now?

There are many devices in the market now and a simple search under spy bugs on eBay or amazon can demonstrate just how many devices are out there. The way they are built, and their inner workings, separates them from the real innocent devices they often imitate (such as fake smoke detectors).

What’s been very popular for the last 2-4 years are sim activated devices, which are normally built into power laden chargers and three-way plugs, adaptors and sockets. Also very common these days is WIFI and Bluetooth attacks which store and forward objects or data.

Do we look into areas physically, and can we remove shuttering’s and sockets and switches and covers?

Yes, we can and yes, we do. Our sweeps are not only undertaken on the exterior of walls etc., but our exhaustive searches also include a physical search of areas which may involve removing sockets/switches, wall art, furniture etc.

We will not stop on any search just because one covert audio bug has been found. We will continue to look for others as often it can be the case that if we find one, we find several.

How often are the premises searched actually bugged?

From our experience, we find that approximately 60% of people’s intuition about bugging is correct.

Do I still have to pay if there are no bugs?

Yes. We provide a service that will either detect a bugging operation or supply much needed peace of mind that you are not being monitored. The amount of work our operatives undertake is the same despite the outcome.

Until you carry out the sweeping, what should I do in the meantime?

We recommend that you continue to conduct your business as normal, but do not discuss sensitive issues in the confines of the business premises or over the telephone. Do not attempt to tamper with any equipment unnecessarily.

Can you check the area of concern periodically?

Yes of course we can. We often do just that for various companies around the UK and further afield. By making periodic appointments, we can help alleviate any worries and ultimately brings the cost of the sweeping down in price. Please speak to a team member who can advise you further.

What is my first move?

Please get in touch – give us a call on 04350 343 945 or send us an e-mail. Please ensure you are calling from outside the property you are concerned about or calling/emailing us from a secure device.

For more FAQs regarding our bug sweeping services, please see our FAQs page.

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