Case Study – Is my son safe with my ex-partner’s new boyfriend?

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Our client was a caring father who asked us to investigate his ex-partner’s new live-in boyfriend. His primary reason for initiating the investigation was that he had heard rumours that the new boyfriend was abusive in a previous relationship. Given that his ex-partner had custody of his young son, he wanted to make sure that his son was safe.

We looked into the subject of enquiry on a personal and professional level, undertaking court, press and media checks as well as local enquiries in the places he had previously lived.

Our investigations revealed that he was subject to a banning order in connection with a previous partner, as well as a criminal charge for causing actual bodily harm to the same woman. We were able to trace the woman to a nearby address, where she confirmed that the subject of enquiry was abusive both to her and a previous partner. We made contact with the previous partner and interviewed her as well. We compiled a written report that detailed everything these women had said in our interviews with them.

Our client showed our report to his ex-partner, who subsequently made the decision to leave the subject of enquiry. Shortly afterwards, our client and his ex-partner rekindled their relationship and she and their son moved back in with him. Our investigation ensured that this potentially dangerous relationship for the entire family went no further.

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