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Employee vetting should never be underestimated. However, even though it is an incredibly important part of the recruitment process, it is often overlooked by HR departments.

A company’s reputation can be extremely affected by its workforce, so the worst thing you can do is employ someone without doing all of the appropriate checks. For example, it has been estimated that over 80% of candidates provide potential employers with false information.

Can You Trust a Potential Employee?

At an absolute bare minimum, you need to ensure candidates have not lied on their CV, that they are able to be employed in the UK and that they have declared all convictions. If you do not vet all of your potential employees, it can have disastrous consequences for your company.

If your employees have fraudulently claimed they have had certain responsibilities, skills, and/or qualifications you might entrust them with additional responsibilities. This could put your company at financial risk or perhaps your other employees, including the one who lied, at risk of physical harm.

How Can We Help with Employee Vetting?

Global is extremely proactive in national and international pre-employment screening. Since 2001, we have worked closely with our sister company, Advanced Vetting, and have not only helped many of our current clients with their employee vetting but have also managed to assist many new clients across a variety of different industries.

In conjunction with us, our sister company can provide you with a service you can rely on. All checks such as credit checks are conducted in a professional manner and are fully investigative as opposed to being a purely letter-based reply service. A letter-based service is often used and encouraged by many of our competitors who operate on a low process and high turnover rate, but this is simply not good enough for us.

Researching Foreign and National Candidates

In-house verifiers are employed through our experienced investigators and criminal research staff. This enables us to maintain a world-wide network of cover and helps us to verify information on foreign applicants, as well as UK citizens. After all, just because a reference might be based in Poland, does not mean it should be ignored.

We apply just as much research into foreign candidates as we do to national ones. Our ultimate aim is, quite simply, to provide you with all the information you could ever need on your potential employees. This is done so that you have everything you need to make informed decisions for the good of your company.

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Reference Checking

References are an incredibly important part of the recruitment process. They allow an employer to effectively judge a subject’s honesty and reliability and are the best possible source to determine if a candidate is going to be the right fit for your organisation.

Changes that have been made over recent years to employment legislation have undoubtedly deterred some employers from providing references. Unfortunately, this allows wayward candidates to name compliant individuals and exaggerate or invent the nature of the relationships they have with their named referees.

It is, unfortunately, all too easy for job candidates to name friends or relatives as references, stating that they have done work for them. These people would be easily caught out if Human Resources did their job properly and checked who they were sending a reference request to, instead of just sending a letter or email out without really checking who the reference is.

Looking Out for All the tricks

Companies can fall for the silliest of tricks. For instance, sometimes the telephone number provided for a reference is the same as the contact number the candidate has given. We are thorough in our investigations and will use our own contact numbers to make contact and clarify the person named as a reference is, in fact, the person who you should be dealing with and not simply the candidate’s mother, brother or friend.

Our highly trained and worldly-wise investigators can quite easily, if required, visit the persons named as references and also confirm the establishments where applicants have claimed they studied, trained or worked at.

Why Use Us for Employee Vetting?

We set ourselves apart from the competition due to our:

  • Investigator-led background, meaning no stone is left unturned
  • We are not just data reliant but conduct full investigative enquiries
  • Accurate reports, delivered in impressively short turnaround times
  • Many different investigative packages and tailor-made solutions
  • Our legal compliance
  • Overseas expertise
  • Unrivalled professionalism

We serve an impressive clientele, encompassing all industry sectors. Our clients range from small businesses with the occasional need to pre-screen potential candidates, to some of the top 100 organisations who need to screen multiple candidates on a monthly basis.

Please visit our dedicated sister-site, advancedvetting.com, where you can find a wealth of information which details the wide-ranging and highly competitive vetting services we can offer you.

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