Employee Vetting

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Employee vetting should never be underestimated. However, even though it is an incredibly important part of the recruitment process, it is often overlooked by HR departments.

A company’s reputation can be extremely affected by its workforce, so the worst thing you can do is employ someone without doing all of the appropriate checks. For example, it has been estimated that over 80% of candidates provide potential employers with false information.


Who Might Need Employee Vetting?

Thorough employee vetting is crucial for companies, organisations, schools, charities, places of worship, and any entity bringing on new personnel. Comprehensive background checks reduce risks when hiring by uncovering:

> Past employment issues like terminations, misconducts, frauds

> False credentials, qualifications, education, memberships

> Criminal histories including spent sentences and charges

> Financial problems indicating risk of theft/fraud

> Concerning behaviours, conflicts of interest

Whether you’re screening a new CEO, teacher, volunteer, contractor or any staff member with access to assets, data, or vulnerable groups, our employee vetting services provide in-depth insights so you can make informed hiring decisions.

Our private investigators help ensure candidates are truly as presented while screening for any red flags that might have gone undetected. Our strict vetting protects your workplace, brand reputation and stakeholders.


How Does Employee Vetting Work?

Our expert investigators leverage various legal information sources to build comprehensive profiles. Techniques used may include:

> Identity document verification checks including Right to Work

> Criminal record searches across multiple databases

> Financial background checks – CCJs, bankruptcies, credit score

> Employment history verification through records and referees

> Professional qualification/membership authentication

> Global sanctions list screening for high risk indicators

> Social media sweeps for reputational risks

We analyse and correlate data from various sources to shine light on any misrepresentations, omissions, or issues. Our strict authentication processes verify the accuracy of all employee details. Custom packages are available depending on role type, access levels, and industry compliance requirements.


Why Trust Global Investigations for Employee Vetting?

With decades of experience assisting corporations, schools, charities and other entities with background screening, our seasoned investigators have extensive resources and capabilities for employee vetting.

We understand every organisation has unique risks to manage. Our tailored searches are designed around specific role types, access levels and industry regulations. Compliance checks ensure adherence with FCA, OfSted, healthcare, transportation and other oversight bodies.

As the leading employee screening provider, Global Investigations also offers ongoing monitoring to detect staff who become higher risk. Our post-hire monitoring checks for emerging issues like new criminal charges, sanctions list additions, concerning digital footprint changes and more. We help keep your workplace safe.


Pre-Employment Screening

From verifying identities, work histories and qualifications to global sanctions list checks and media searches, our comprehensive pre-employment screening reduces hiring risks. We ensure you have complete visibility before extending job offers.


Ongoing Personnel Monitoring

Situations change. Our post-hire monitoring checks existing personnel on an ongoing basis for emerging risks like sanctions additions, new charges/convictions, reputational issues and more so problems are addressed early.


Volunteer Background Checks

Volunteers can pose equal risks as paid staff. Our screening packages for volunteers verify identities, qualifications, criminal histories and suitability to help keep vulnerable groups safe. We understand charity compliance requirements.


Contractor Vetting Services

External contractors with network/data access warrant thorough screening. Our reviews assess identities, qualifications, work histories, financials and reputational risks to validate suitability and avoid security issues.


Employee Vetting FAQs

Employee vetting typically includes identity verification, criminal record checks, employment/qualification authentication, financial checks, global sanctions screening and more. Checks are customised by role.

Techniques include database searches, identity/document verification, employment/education confirmation, referee interviews, social media/internet screening, global sanctions list checks and more. Our approach aligns to role risks.

It reduces hiring risks around fraud, theft, workplace safety, qualifications, illegal working, data protection, safeguarding, ethics breaches, and reputational damages. Insights allow informed hiring.

Checks should be done before extending any job offers to verify candidate-provided details. Additional periodic screening should occur post-hire to detect emerging issues with current personnel as well.

Highly regulated industries like financial services, legal, healthcare, education, transportation, insurance, IT/tech and others require vetting to meet compliance standards for protecting public interests.

For discreet, legal employee vetting services, trust the experienced team at Global Investigations to help secure your workplace.