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Do you feel unsafe due to threats of violence or harassment? Global Investigations provides professional threat assessment services to evaluate risks and recommend protection solutions. Our private investigators can assess if a threat is credible and develop strategies to mitigate risks.


Who Might Need Threat Assessment?

Threat assessment services may be needed when facing:

> Stalking or harassment campaigns: An ex-partner, rejected suitor or cyberbully targeting you with repeated unwanted communication or attention.

> Violent threats: Overt threats of violence through any medium made against you or your family.

> Suspicious activity: Strange behaviours, communications or incidents that make you fearful for your safety.

> High-risk occupations: Jobs like public figures, celebrities and executives face higher risk of violence that may require assessment.

> Security concerns: Existing security measures may need testing or gaps identified to address safety vulnerabilities.

Having a professional threat assessment can validate security concerns, identify real risks, and provide documentation to support legal action if needed.


How Do Threat Assessments Work?

Our expert investigators take a structured approach to evaluating threats that involves:

> Threatener Background Checks: We thoroughly profile the source of threats using records and surveillance.

> Risk Analysis: The credibility of threats are analysed based on the threat’s history, mental state, capacity and motivations.

> Vulnerability Audits: A review of existing security measures is conducted to identify gaps that may enable attacks.

> Physical Surveys: The environment is surveyed to detect security weaknesses a threat could exploit for access.

Recommendations: Detailed guidance on measures to reduce risks like security upgrades, legal actions, behaviour changes and more.

The threat assessment process aims to determine what risks are credible, where vulnerabilities exist, and how to close security gaps.


Why Trust Global Investigations for Threat Assessments?

With veteran backgrounds in fields like law enforcement, military and executive protection, our seasoned investigators are experts in analysing risks and designing layered security. Our experience assessing threats for clients globally across sectors enables us to evaluate diverse situations.

As the leading private investigator in the UK, Global Investigations maintains the contacts and resources to conduct deep background research into threats that go beyond public records. Our knowledge of legal standards helps clients take actions like restraining orders.


Stalker Investigations & Surveillance

If you are being harassed by a stalker, our investigators can conduct covert monitoring to capture evidence needed for police action. We also perform background profiles on stalkers to assess mental state risks.


Cyber Harassment & Reputation Harm Mitigation

Online stalking campaigns, reputation attacks, doxing and harassment can inflict serious life disruption. Our investigators can help identify culprits, have damaging material removed, improve online reputations and provide documentation to support legal action against cyber harassers.


Executive Protection Security

Executives, celebrities and other high-profile individuals often face heightened risks that require personalised protection. Our security team provides close protection staff, secure transit, perimeter security checks, emergency contingency planning and complete lifestyle risk management.


Threat Assessment FAQs:

It involves background screening individuals making threats, evaluating their capacity/motivation to attack, auditing vulnerabilities they could exploit, surveying the environment, rating danger levels and providing security recommendations.

Investigators use surveillance, interviews, record research, vulnerability testing, communications tracing and other lawful methods to gather data. Findings are correlated to reach credible threat conclusions.

Yes. For clients facing credible threat risks, we offer executive protection agents, secure transit, and other customised security services to control access and prevent attacks.

We can try identifying anonymous cyber harassers through digital forensics techniques, utilise investigator contacts to have damaging posts/images removed, and provide evidence to support legal action against stalkers.

Costs vary based on factors like scope, man hours, surveillance needs, etc. We provide customised quotes after assessing the situation. Flexible payment plans are available.

Contact Global Investigations today for professional threat assessments and guidance from veteran security experts. Our insights identify real risks and help clients gain peace of mind.


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