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Accurate forensic investigation is vitally important for solving crimes and unravelling the course of events. The controlled collection and testing of suitable forensic samples can help to prove an activity, inactivity or occurrence and is of great help to organisations and individuals needing to uncover the truth of a specific situation.


Who Might Need Forensic Investigations?

Forensic investigations may be necessary when you suspect digital crimes like hacking, fraud, or IP theft have occurred. They provide digital evidence and technical insights when:

> Unauthorised access to devices, accounts or systems is discovered

> Sensitive data is leaked or stolen

> Counterfeit products using stolen IP enter the market

> Anonymous threats are received demanding ransomware payments

> Fake social media profiles, sites or emails damage reputations

Our computer forensics services help identify perpetrators, quantify damages, and support legal action. We provide evidence for HR issues, police investigations, civil lawsuits, insurance claims, and more.

Corporations, legal teams, private individuals, law enforcement and more turn to our technical specialists when they suspect cybercrimes but lack the expertise to investigate digitally. Our forensic analysis provides definitive proof of what happened.


How Do Forensic Investigations Work?

Our expert cyber investigators utilise court-admissible forensic techniques to gather irrefutable evidence from computers, mobile devices, networks, cloud accounts and more. We specialise in:

> Device, Media and Network Forensics: Extracting activity logs, files, communications and other critical digital evidence.

> Mobile Phone Forensics: Cracking locked devices to uncover call logs, messages, app activity, location history and media.

> Computer Forensics: Recovering deleted emails, files, internet history, user activity logs and cached content.

> Open Source Investigations: Scouring the internet and dark web for stolen data leaks, fake sites/accounts, hacker chatter.

> Cloud Forensics: Accessing compromised cloud accounts like email, storage and even SaaS apps to understand what occurred.

Our technical experts crack passwords, bypass locks, reconstruct activity timelines, trace hackers, authenticate evidence, and quantify damages. We uncover the digital breadcrumbs perpetrators leave behind.


Why Trust Global Investigations for Forensics?

With decades of experience spanning thousands of cases, our forensics team has seen everything from IP theft to crypto fraud to cyber extortion. We operate to the highest legal and ethical standards using court-defensible methodologies.

As trusted leaders, Global Investigations invests heavily in the latest forensic technologies and our specialists pursue ongoing training. This ensures we can access any system and analyse even custom hacking tools. We dig deeper than law enforcement alone.

Our relationships with cyber insurers and legal partners globally allow us to launch swift action when incidents occur. We help victims quickly contain damages through takedown of fake content while gathering hacker evidence for prosecution.


Cyber Forensics & Incident Response

Has your company suffered a data breach, malware infection, unauthorised access or other cyberattack? Our rapid incident response team contains the attack, determines root causes, identifies affected assets, and preserves evidence to inform your recovery.


Intellectual Property & Trade Secret Theft Investigations

Has your company been victimised by counterfeit goods, stolen source code, or loss of proprietary data? Our expert investigators use forensic techniques to quantify losses, trace leaks, establish timelines/methods, identify suspects and preserve evidence to stop future theft.


Digital Fraud Investigations & Prevention

From email compromise scams to fake websites, online fraud takes many forms. Our investigators provide forensic analysis of devices, accounts and online activity to understand fraud methods, trace criminals digitally, recover assets & implement safeguards to prevent future victimisation.


Employee IT Misuse & Compliance Investigations

Through device, network and email forensics, we uncover unauthorised access, policy violations, destruction of data, leaks of IP, harassment issues and other employee misuse that opens compliance risks. HR can then take appropriate legal action.


Forensic Investigations FAQs

It involves specialists accessing digital systems, devices, accounts and internet platforms to extract activity logs, communications, files, location data and other critical evidence that reveals what happened in a cyber attack or crime.

Skilled investigators can uncover everything from the identity of hackers, to methods of unauthorised access, to internal policy violations, to breadth of stolen data. Forensics provide legal evidence and technical confirmation of cyber events.

Most last 2-6 weeks but can vary widely depending on complexity, number of devices/accounts, need for specialised cracking tools, and backlog of our forensics labs. We always aim to deliver timely evidence to victims.

Our investigators follow laws like Computer Misuse Act 1990, Data Protection Act 2018, GDPR and others related to proper evidence gathering and data privacy. We liaise with authorities to ensure protocols are followed.

Pricing is tailored per case. Costs vary based on the scope of assets compromised, complexity to crack into systems/devices, and need for external software/hardware. We aim to offer transparent estimates upfront.

For professional forensic investigation services, contact the cybersecurity specialists at Global Investigations today. Our technical experts provide the evidence and insights needed to prove cybercrimes.

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