Forensic Investigation

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Accurate forensic investigation is vitally important for solving crimes and unravelling the course of events. The controlled collection and testing of suitable forensic samples can help to prove an activity, inactivity or occurrence and is of great help to organisations and individuals needing to uncover the truth of a specific situation.

How can we help with forensic investigation?

Our forensic investigations and evaluations are all undertaken at a shared laboratory based in Twickenham. The checks we make can involve the examination of DNA, fingerprints, body fluid, blood and handwriting.

Using a variety of carefully controlled techniques and taking care to maintain continuity throughout the process, we are able to complete forensic investigations of samples and provide you with an accurate report on what we find. Provided the samples are free of contamination prior to our investigation, we will evidence our findings and produce a report, which can be submitted by our investigators for court or legal purposes.

Interfered or contaminated evidence needs to be identified

It is vital you let us know if there is even the smallest chance evidence has been interfered with or contaminated. The normal accuracy and admissibility of the evidence in court is totally dependent on these stringent procedures and the controls used. If evidence is found to be contaminated or interfered with, it will immediately become inadmissible.

If DNA investigations are required, we will examine the DNA profile from two or more samples and identify the unique values in the DNA chain. These values can then be compared in order to indicate whether or not there is a match or a relationship between the two samples.

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Confidence is reassured with our investigation work

Like all our services, our forensic investigations are carried out in complete confidence. We can therefore assure you that your privacy is our top concern and that you can trust us.

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