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Background checks in the UK have become increasingly popular over recent years. This is because more and more companies and individuals have realised how valuable the insights that come from these checks are.

Whether these checks are completed for personal or business reasons, they can lead to people making smarter and better-informed decisions. They also help to ensure security, whether you are working in government, business, education or doing a check for personal reasons in the UK.

For example, a school might wish to run a background check on a new employee to check they do not have a criminal record, i.e. a history of child or drug abuse.

Landlords may also wish to vet prospective tenants to see if they have a history of trouble or non-payment of rent. Some families will even employ a background check or background search service to ensure their daughter’s new boyfriend is respectable and trustworthy.

How Can We Help with UK Background Checks and Background Searches?

Background checks in the UK are incredibly important in this day and age due to the amount of fraudulent behaviour we are up against. Our background reports will not only give you peace of mind, but they will also help you prove or deny someone is indeed who or what they say they are.

We will deliver reliable, complete and current information having complied with all regulations and legalities, such as the Data Protection Act (DPA). We understand how crucial it is to have reliable background information so our team will always strive to offer you unparalleled levels of service.

Background Requests

As investigators, we are also regularly contacted by clients who are concerned their spouse may be being unfaithful. Whilst a UK background search might not seem like the most relevant course of action, they can actually be very useful in uncovering previous infidelity and the webs of lies that are often told to trusting partners.

Our UK background searches delve into a person’s identifying data, starting with their name and address and leading on from there. We are very thorough in our investigations, so you can be assured you will receive an accurate and complete investigation of their history. You can be assured our service is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and we can provide you with details on the following:

  • Current address & phone number
  • Recent address history
  • Birthdate
  • Aliases/maiden name
  • Property ownership
  • Bankruptcies & County Court judgments
  • Information on known relatives
  • Roommates & neighbour information
  • Personal assets
  • Marriages & divorces
  • Businesses; live and failed
  • Press, media and internet history
  • Previous address and linked address searches
  • Employment and career history
  • Professional capabilities

Understanding & Confident Background Checking Professionals

As professional private investigators, we are well aware of what information is available and how to provide you with an accurate, detailed background check, no matter where the subject of the investigation resides or how well they think their past has been hidden. We also understand how important it is to be discreet and not let on to the subject they are being investigated and that you are involved.

You can therefore be assured of our confidentiality and professionalism. We undertake a background check in the UK ourselves, unlike many other agencies who tend to outsource this work. We are 100% committed to our cases and ensuring the information we find is accurate. We, therefore, take great care to ensure the information is verified by different and trusted sources, so we can be 100% certain everything is correct.

Working with a Background Checking Company You Can Fully Trust!

We know you have serious concerns and need to be able to trust in the information we provide. We can therefore assure you our UK background searches are undertaken by our professional private investigators who are based here in the UK and, if overseas, are alongside our respected and trusted foreign affiliations. You will probably have seen many sites on the internet (mainly USA registered) offering “Comprehensive UK background check services” at very cheap rates.

However, please be advised these services are, more often than not, nothing more than poor databases searches. The information is normally out of date and quite often inaccurate, so please make sure you have done your research/investigation before spending any money with such a company.

Cost Is Always on a Case by Case Basis with Background Checks

The cost of a background search in the UK is worked out on a purely individual, case by case basis. This is because no case is ever the same and the amount of work undertaken can vary greatly from job to job. We will work out your costs after analysing exactly what you require, how much work we will have to do and the area and country we will work the case from.

Background checking can offer peace of mind by providing evidence that somebody is telling the truth about their employment history, criminal record and various other aspects.

At Global Investigations, we specialise in discreet, comprehensive searches which include a criminal record check, employee background checks, and employee criminal background checks as part of a thorough background checking process.

Background Checks FAQs

Why should Background Investigations be done?

Background Investigations are typically undertaken for a variety of reasons including:

  • ID assessing
  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Tenant Screening
  • Marriage or Pre-Nuptial enquires
  • Verifying information prior to any business or personal interaction or decision
How much can a background check cost?

Our checks can provide a vast amounts of information. The contents of these in-depth investigation are too broad to list here, but we are happy to send over a list of the checks we do. Please contact us for more information.

Who does our background checks?

Our background checks are compiled by our in-house investigators and research staff and are supplemented overseas by our vetted agents and associates.

Our company is part of the Association of British Investigators, so you can be sure you are getting service from reliable and professional agents.

Who will have access to the checks

Access to the files and reports are limited to the case handler and the agent designated to the report. No other member of staff shall be privy to the information and in no way shall the information be given to anyone other than our client. eliable and professional agents.

How long will you retain the information?

We retain the information for a period of normally 60 days as per data protection policies and guidelines.

How long can a check take?

We normally require 18 – 20 working days to complete a check on a standard time frame. If, however, you require it expedited, this can be achieved but the cost is increased and a surcharge of normally 30% is added to the total payment.

Yes, very much so. We will not undertake any illegal request and we have a very strong ethical attitude. Please contact us for a copy of our ‘Code of Conduct’.

Do you inform the subject in anyway, that checks are taking place?

No, we would never normally contact the subject and never without it being agreed beforehand. In some enquires, especially business due diligence, we may have to involve the business, but this is a choice for you, the client.

Do your reports say where someone works?

Yes, some of our reports will indicate the business affiliations which invariably will include their place of work.

Do your reports include academic details?

No, we do not look for academic results unless they are publicly available or unless through pre-employment enquires.

Do your reports include official credit history on individuals?

No, not in the UK or in places such as the USA.

Are you able to run criminal checks on people?

Not in the UK without the individual’s permission. Although, court information can be obtained on a person if it is in the public domain without their knowledge.

We can also get full criminality checks if you are asking us to check on yourself and you have signed a disclosure to that effect (see above). The laws in other countries may be different to the UK and this may permit us to run the checks on other subjects. This varies depending on the country.

How effective are the checks you make?

We believe our background checks are the most effective and comprehensive on the market. It is important to note, we can only reveal what we can publicly or even privately find, and this is only an indication of how an induvial or business have performed previously. We cannot guarantee that an individual or company will perform or behave to the previous standards they have displayed in the past.

If I don't have the subject's permission, would you be able to still do the checks here in UK?

Yes, we will be able to run the checks. However, certain information such as credit files and criminality records will not be available due to data protection requisites.

Can we undertake tenant vetting?

Yes, we regularly work alongside landlords and letting agents to verify and identify the set requirements needed to hand over the keys to your home.

What experience do you have with international checks?

We have completed many hundreds of overseas checks on individuals and companies. On most occasions, we have started the enquiry here in the UK and then latterly involved our overseas partners and agents to finalise and run cross checks and covert visits.

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