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Can you search bank and mortgage account information?

Bank and mortgage account searching can be undertaken in compliance with UK Courts for subjects who are being either non-responsive or obstructing the Courts or Police in revealing assets. This search can assist us in the detection of their personal assets and is a highly privileged search at financial institutions to reveal entities such as bank accounts and mortgage accounts.

Can this search be done without a subject’s consent?

Where our client does not have the subject’s consent to process their data, Global Investigations will undertake a Data Processing Impact Assessment to ensure that full compliance is made with DPA 2018. To do this we will require our clients to advise the reasons for instigating the investigation. The usual reasons we can apply on your behalf are:

  • Fraud Implications
  • Obstruction of Court & Hearing Notices
  • Failure to appear in Court
  • Police have been notified and a crime reference number has been supplied

What information is provided in this report?

This is our most thorough credit report using in-depth personal credit data obtained from the largest and most renowned credit agency within the UK. Our PDC Account Report can provide additional detailed financial information on a subject, not just bank and mortgage accounts, but can include information on loans, credit cards, store cards, and utility accounts.

The data assists our qualified Investigators in uncovering previously unfound assets and liabilities and is part of a more detailed investigation report enabling our client to have a complete assessment.

Can this information be used in a Court of Law?

All information is obtained legally and can be used in a Court of Law against the debtor or fraudster and is undertaken in a covert manner so there is no footprint left behind, ensuring the subject is unaware of the investigations.

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What is the benefit of undertaking this search?

In many cases these reports are seen option to unravel things where a person is being seen as obtrusive and possibly fraudulent.

Can this be done in any other way, to ascertain personal information?  

Quite simply no. 

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