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Since opening our doors in 1995, we have specialised in debtor tracing services throughout the UK and overseas. Our debtor tracing agents are industry-leading private investigators with unparalleled experience.

As a world-renowned detective agency, we utilise various and effective methods to carry out debtor tracing. We can work the cases in large batches, or volume tracing if it is of large quantity.

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How Long Does Debtor Tracing Take?

All debtor tracing cases will be worked to the very best of our ability and to any timescales from 6hrs up to 20 working days.

We can offer various trace debtors avenues, and some are listed below:

  • Filter tracing
  • Database tracing
  • Trace and credit score
  • Trace and serve
  • Trace and contact
  • Trace and employer information
  • Trace and status work
  • Trace and pre sue
  • Trace and telephone numbers
  • Trace and call transfer
  • In-depth tracing and In-depth negatives

If you require more details on any of the above-mentioned debtor tracing services, please call to speak to one of our team.

We will always endeavour to quantify the work and the requirements of our clients, advising them of the best possible course of action they have available to them.

We will also work towards obtaining good working stats and have fantastic reporting suites on the statistics we deliver. This ensures we can chart the progress of our work with you and provide good long-term results.

Once finalised the work can be sent to you in batch requirements or staggered if you so wish using any format you require, with any chosen fields such as background checks and under any time limits.

When using the web and email our work is sent securely and encrypted for maximum safety.

We also ask you to consider that we are a professional agency and all your cases will be worked under our strict code of ethics and under ethical and accountable methods.

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Tracing FAQs

See below some of the common questions we receive for our Tracing services!

How long does a trace take?

It does depend on the chosen speed of service however individual tracing is completed within 10-15 days. Corporate tracing services are usually completed within our standard timeframe of 20 working days.

We also offer an express trace of 24-48 hours or finally a super trace of 6-8 working hours. In all cases, a report will be sent out by email once a trace has been completed. Super traces and express traces can be telephoned over as soon as a result is confirmed. Super and Express Traces are also emailed for your ease.

Can you undertake traces abroad?

Yes! We have agents in-house and we also use trusted and respected agents in countries virtually all over the world. These agents can undertake residential or employment traces abroad however the cost and payment scheme may differ from our UK traces. Please enquire for more information.

What kind of information can I expect to receive?

For a residential trace you can expect an address accompanied by background details in line with your original brief to us. Telephone numbers can usually be supplied, unless they are not listed or ex-directory.

For an employment trace, we will provide either the address where your subject works from or the address where he/she is paid from (as this is often used for an attachment of earnings) and a contact telephone number, as well any other information relevant to your subject’s work status. We may also confirm a subject is out of work, which is still a positive trace result.

Will I be charged if the subject is still living at the same address or working as stated

Yes, as we will have verified that the details provided were correct, and as our agents will still have had to go through the same processes in order to confirm this. Re-confirming information often involves even more work for our agents, but the fee is still the same!

What details are required to trace a company?

The company’s name and the last known trading address are the key details required. Any other additional information you may have on the company (such as nature of business, director details, whether it was a public limited company or sole trader, the company number, etc.) is always worth submitting in order to speed up the trace and increase the likelihood of a positive result.

What is a status report?

As well as trace and employment information, the following search details: credit check including CCJs (County Court Judgments), marital status, any known or visible assets, date of birth and property ownership details.

Any additional information that the agent may come across during the course of the investigation will also be included. We also do a larger and much more in-depth enquiry which involves a personal visit by one of our local investigators who will try and determine more in actual tangible assets, such as vehicles or marine equipment.

The visit is conducted covertly, and we are able to provide our clients with an up-to-date assumption on value and provide pictures and evidential proof of any vehicles and then in turn undertake HPI Finance checks on. (This is an invaluable service that our clients are happy for us to undertake when the debt levels are high). Please see our example – Sample in-depth pre sue.

Please note we are NOT able to investigate bank details as part of our status reports and can only assess banking information in certain circumstances when in compliance with Data Protection Act 2018. Please see our information sheet/page on Personal Data Credit Report searches for more information. (may need to change this depending on name of page)

What happens if the trace or status report is a negative?

You will receive a negative report which will outline the lines of enquiry we undertook. . However, we do always suggest re-submitting the case at a later date – usually within 2-3 months in the event new information is located. For corporate clients with large volumes of work, we work on a “no trace, no fee” basis.

Can I expect any additional information?

Yes. If our agents come across any additional information which may be of use to you, this will be included within the completed report.

What if the information supplied appears to be incorrect?

You can notify us within 30 days of the trace completion date, we will be more than happy to re-check the information for you on a free of charge basis. If we are unable to re-confirm our findings or if we have been misled with our initial enquiries – your account will be credited for the cost of the original trace.

What are our success rates?

Depending on the information passed to us, our success rate can be over 70% to 80%, bearing in mind that the more information that we hold the better the likelihood that we will be able to trace the subject, Please contact us if you require more detailed information.

What is my first move?

We must be formally instructed to proceed with both private and corporate cases. This can be via submission of an instruction form, or providing us information by email or post. Corporate clients must first of all set up an account with us and we will then supply you with a Corporate Trace Instruction Form. Private clients will need to supply a completed Private Client Instruction Form. If you have any further questions or require further details, please contact us and a member of our customer service team will get back to you.

What are some of the other tracing types you offer?

In addition to the services above also offer the following tracing services. Please contact us for more information.

  • Next of Kin tracing/Tracing of heirs
  • Birth Record tracing
  • Landlord tracing
  • Freehold and Leasehold tracing
  • Batch or Volume Tracing for Corporate Clients
Do you offer bulk tracing?

Absolutely! Please call one of our friendly sales advisors to discuss our bulk tracing options and prices.

Do you send and receive password encrypted cases?

Yes, to comply with our client’s individual requirements as well as GDPR, we use a variety of secure encrypted services to both receive and send reports. So whether it is password protected PDF, a secure messaging service such as Egress, or a platform already in place within your business, we can accommodate your preferences.

Can we send batch case instructions via Excel?

Global Investigations are happy to receive batch case instructions via an Excel spreadsheet or an alternative method to preclude our clients from having to fill out an instruction form for each individual. We will then process the requests on your behalf.

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