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When running your business, it is important to make sure you are always looking for ways to reduce risk whilst maximising what you can gain. Risk analysis is something every company should be doing if they are serious about success. This is especially pertinent if your business is going through any form of change, such as a restructure, merger or acquisition.


Who Might Need Company Risk Analysis?

Company risk analysis services may be needed when acquiring a new business, investing in a company, providing financing, forming a partnership, or any major transaction involving an organisation. Assessing the risks allows for informed decisions.

Specifically, our comprehensive company risk assessment helps uncover potential issues related to finances, operations, compliance, industry factors, leadership, security, and other areas. Red flags or warning signs can protect against costly mistakes.

Due diligence is crucial whether you are looking to invest, provide financing, form a joint venture, or any major deals. Even wholesalers, vendors, and suppliers need visibility into risks when establishing business relationships. Our expert analysis provides those insights.


How Does Company Risk Assessment Work?

Our global team of experienced private investigators perform thorough risk assessment tailored to client needs. Techniques used may include:

> Financial Analysis: Assessing cash flow, debts, expenditures, assets, credit, investments, taxes, fraud risks, and more.

> Leadership Vetting: Background checks on owners, directors, and executives checking for red flags.

> Compliance Audits: Ensuring adherence to all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.

> Security Evaluations: Assessing vulnerabilities, data protections, access controls and physical safeguards.

> Market Research: Competitor analysis, industry trends, demand analysis, SWOT analysis, and benchmarking.

> Operation Analysis: Reviewing processes, supply chain, technologies, resources, continuity planning, and dependencies.

The specific analysis undertaken depends on the client’s priorities and information sought to make an informed decision about the relationship or transaction.


Why Trust Global Investigations to Conduct a Risk Analysis?

With decades of experience serving corporations, investors, lenders, and middle market companies, our team of seasoned financial investigators and corporate intelligence experts excel at uncovering hidden risks and red flags.

We leave no stone unturned, leveraging human discernment, advanced analytics, and proprietary methodologies to provide unparalleled visibility and help you to avoid potential risks. When we perform a risk analysis, our global footprint allows insights into local markets worldwide.

As an independent third-party, clients trust our unbiased perspectives, evaluations, and advisory. We operate with integrity and discretion, ensuring processes are by the book. When deals and finances are on the line, rely on Global Investigations for reliable due diligence and risk analysis.


Our Quantitative Risk Analysis Includes:

You will receive a full suite of reports from our analysts that are tailored to different levels of risk, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding the future of your company. You will be provided with up-to-date, noteworthy and accurate information on the following:

> Complete company details, including the legal entity that matches the Company Number you provided.

> Historical company information, key financial data and Directors’ background

> Adverse listings on the entity and principal

> Comprehensive and in-depth investigations and full analysis on specified entities, conducted by trained and experienced business analysts

> Risk score and recommendation (Note: this is a recommendation only and you must still make your own lending/risk decisions based on your specific credit and risk policies and procedures).

> How to reduce risk of bad debts and help control downstream collection costs

> Trade payment habits and trends data

> Company structure and operation details.


Mergers & Acquisitions Risk Analysis in Business

During mergers, acquisitions, or investments, we uncover hidden liabilities, compliance gaps, toxic contracts, leadership issues, security risks, and other deal breakers. Our insights protect your capital and identify post-acquisition remediation needs.


Third-Party Risk Analysis

As a business, your vendors, contractors, suppliers, and other third-party relationships introduce risks beyond your control. We fully assess third-parties to validate compliance, financial health, data protections, business continuity planning, and more to avoid disruptions.


Company Risk Analysis FAQs:

Our analysis examines finances, leadership & staff, security, compliance, technologies, market conditions, supply chain, operations, continuity planning, and all other areas. We customize to address unique client priorities and objectives.

We legally utilize financial forensics, background checks, security audits, process reviews, market analysis, leadership assessments, and other proven techniques tailored to uncover the risks relevant to the client. Our toolbox is extensive.

It protects against costly blind spots when doing major transactions and deals. Hidden risks like financial issues, toxic contracts, non-compliance, vulnerabilities, and more can lead to huge liabilities if undetected. Our insights allow informed decisions.

Pricing varies based on the scope of analysis required, access needed, geographic locations involved, and other custom parameters. We provide detailed quotes tailored to the engagement that outline all deliverables before commencing.

Our global team of licensed investigators, forensic accountants, corporate intelligence experts, and analysts with decades of experience uncover hard-to-find risks that matter. Clients trust our credentials and specializations.

For professional company risk analysis services, contact the expert team at Global Investigations today. Our actionable insights inform major transactions and mitigate blind spots.