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Cohabitation Surveillance

Our Agents have been successful in this area of surveillance for many years and have much experience in providing lawful and accountable information for presentation for our clients or the Law Courts.

Many different requisites and many different ways to gather information are used leading us to confirm that the subject of enquiry is living with a secondary party at the known address. This is normally used to gather evidence in custody and alimony battles and Global will reveal the evidence.

Relationship Investigations

We have dealt with many relationship enquires and at any given time are dealing with multiple checks, with a large majority of them coming from an internet background.

We have revealed fake and scam identities from mainly Senegal, Ukraine, Nigeria and the current new one in the Philippines. We have, on most occasions, advised our clients of the scam at an early stage and even provide help in dealing with the authorities and in less common ones put their mind at ease and verified bona fide status of the subjects.

We have also dealt with confirmation for parties due to travel, to meet the other person and verify existence, addresses, ages and statuses before our clients have even bought plane fares.

(Please see our dating Do’s and Don’ts section in Warning Files)

Tracing Family Loved Ones

An Asian restaurant owner in Middlesex was desperately trying to locate his 16year old daughter who had run away with his middle aged kitchen assistant.

The family were in touch with the Police and various help centres but had no positive leads or avenues for weeks. We were instructed to help find her and after background checks were run on the male target we advised our client that unfortunately the man she had left home with was in fact a bigamist and was leading a double life before his disappearance. His family in the UK and in Middlesex were also perplexed by his disappearance and a full investigation was undertaken.

After many man-hours involving our lead investigator, Jack Roberts, we were able to trace a family member of the target who was known to be shielding them at his property which was a terraced house in Oldham. We acted as middle men in reuniting the family (including grandmother) with the initially reluctant teenager who eventually was persuaded that the man she was with was not entirely truthful with her. (We accompanied the family on a 360 mile round trip).

Vetting Staff

A professional couple had recruited a Nanny from a local agency.

Their child, for some reason, had developed unruly behaviour. Our enquiry revealed that the recruitment agency had not vetted the Nanny. Our surveillance, helped by secret hidden cameras in three rooms of the house, had captured the Nanny sleeping and watching television for most of the day leaving the child unattended and in danger.

The nanny was dismissed immediately. (Please see our Vetting and Screening section in Services)

Investigations Into A Serious Matrimonial Case

Our Agents were instructed to investigate a local Doctor who had been making suspicious phone calls. It became evident that these numbers related to various houses “of ill repute” and following further local enquiries, including interviews and surveillance work, we were able to ascertain that the subject had been a regular visitor until he had been turned away after asking for young girls.

Further shocking information was gleaned from local sources and the case was handed over to the Police. Several months later our investigations helped the Police in convicting the Doctor to a custodial sentence.

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