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The UK Police defines OSINT as the use of internet resources to gather information, intelligence, and evidence. These resources can be anything from television, newspaper articles, research papers, business and sales documents, blogs, social media, and other websites.

Open-Source Intelligence is not generally gathered via your regular ‘Google’ type search and can include database searches, government reports and documents, social networks, imagery search and most importantly, deep web searches. These searches result in information being located that is not found on normal search engines.

We are often asked for Dark Web Investigations and our Agents are fully experienced with these types of investigations also.


Who Might Need Open Source Intelligence?

Open source intelligence (OSINT) can benefit both individuals and organisations seeking insights, due diligence, or evidence gathering without costly investigations. It allows discreet yet powerful intelligence gathering from publicly available online sources.

OSINT is extremely useful for preliminary background checks before committing resources to a more robust investigation. It also empowers independent research when hiring a private investigator is not viable or necessary. From individuals vetting a new romantic partner to businesses assessing vendors or targets, OSINT delivers immense value.

Our expert OSINT analysts leverage the latest tools and techniques to legally mine the internet’s endless data sources. We uncover personal details, connections, activities, affiliations, and digital footprints that would otherwise remain unseen. OSINT is often the missing puzzle piece that connects all the dots.


How Does Open Source Intelligence Work?

OSINT involves utilising legal, ethical methods and the latest technologies to gather intelligence from public internet sources. With extensive training in online data gathering and analysis, our intelligence analysts can extract incredible insights from what seems like basic online information.

> Techniques our OSINT specialists use include:

> Search engine scraping using custom queries and algorithms

> Accessing public record databases globally

> Mining social media platforms and networks

> Exploring the deep and dark web through legal means

> Link analysis to uncover connections

> Online monitoring for activities and updates

> Multilingual and localised data gathering

We compile extensive dossiers detailing online activities, networks, affiliations, personal details, reputation, assets, and anything else publicly accessible. Customised OSINT projects are structured around specific intelligence requirements to deliver laser-focused results.


Why Trust Global Investigations for OSINT?

With over a decade of experience, our dedicated OSINT cell utilises the most cutting-edge, legally compliant capabilities in the industry. Our team includes intelligence veterans from government agencies and specialist technology partners.

We also have access to privileged data sources beyond what public search engines provide. And our fluency in over 20 languages allows us to access foreign sources most of us miss. No other firm can match our OSINT expertise and global reach.


Superior Technology & Tradecraft

Our OSINT platform and information gathering infrastructure were developed specifically for online intelligence gathering. We invest heavily in next-generation capabilities to maintain our competitive edge.


Analyst Training & Specialization

Through immersive training and hundreds of successful projects, our OSINT cell has mastered online intelligence tradecraft. We stay on top of the latest public data sources, search techniques, analysis methods, compliance protocols, and reporting formats.


Actionable OSINT Intelligence

Our focused OSINT results enable clients to make informed decisions with confidence. We don’t just provide raw data – our analysts piece together puzzles and connect dots to deliver cogent insights in a clear, structured format.


Fully Compliant Standards & Ethics

Trust and integrity matter. Our OSINT specialists undergo rigorous training in ethics, privacy laws, data protection regulations, and compliance protocols. We gather intelligence legally and ethically.


OSINT Frequently Asked Questions

OSINT can legally unearth extensive details on businesses, individuals, assets, networks, affiliations, movements, online behaviours, personal relationships, reputation, and more – without alerting the subject.

We mine social networks, blogs, forums, review sites, public records, court documents, web archives, code repositories, paste sites, job boards, metadata, and hundreds of other public data sources. Our access and expertise go far beyond typical search engines.

Absolutely not. Skilled OSINT analysts utilise far more sophisticated techniques, tools, data sources, and analysis than merely Googling a name. We uncover what doesn’t appear on the public internet yet still hides in plain sight online.

It depends on the specific goals and requirements, but expect extensive dossiers detailing online activities, networks, connections, affiliations, assets, personal details, timelines, behaviours, and more. We connect the dots between disparate publicly available data.

Most OSINT projects take 1-2 weeks but can vary widely depending on scope, objectives, locations, language, sources accessed, and other factors. More extensive projects generally take 3-5 weeks. Urgent needs can be accommodated.

For powerful yet cost-effective intelligence that informs decisions and reveals the complete picture, trust the OSINT experts at Global Investigations today. Our discrete online data gathering changes the game.