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Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) refers to the methodology of collecting, analysing, and making decisions about information obtained from open and publicly available sources that are usually online.

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What is Open-Source Intelligence?

The UK Police defines OSINT as the use of internet resources to gather information, intelligence, and evidence. These resources can be anything from television, newspaper articles, research papers, business and sales documents, blogs, social media, and other websites.

Open-Source Intelligence is not generally gathered via your regular ‘Google’ type search and can include database searches, government reports and documents, social networks, imagery search and most importantly, deep web searches. These searches result in information being located that is not found on normal search engines.

We are often asked for Dark Web Investigations and our Agents are fully experienced with these types of investigations also.

Global Investigations’ OSINT Services

Our specialist investigators at Global Investigations use multiple open-source intelligence techniques to access, search and sift through the large amount of information available online and gather the right information for you.

Our team can use OSINT as a standalone investigative method or to supplement a larger scale investigation.

Here at Global Investigations, our Cyber Investigations Team employs investigators who have worked previously in various fields including law enforcement, intelligence, and coding.

Contact us today to discuss how our trained specialists can use OSINT to help you.

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