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Recover deleted data and uncover digital evidence from mobile devices with our expert mobile forensics services. We extract and analyse data from smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices to support investigations and legal proceedings.


Who Might Need Mobile Forensic Checks?

Mobile forensics may be necessary in various situations, including:

Law Firms – Gathering digital evidence for court cases related to crime, IP theft, HR issues, divorce proceedings, and more. Extracting communication records, geo-location history, app data, photos, and other critical insights from mobiles and cloud backups.

Corporate Security Teams – Conducting internal investigations into data breaches, IP theft, HR issues, executive misconduct, and other situations. Mobile data offers timestamps, communication trails, access logs, and other evidence.

Individuals – Checking a spouse’s mobile to uncover infidelity or addiction issues. Or parents checking children’s phones concerning behaviours, predators, or dangerous content. Recovering lost data from a damaged device.

Government Agencies – Supporting criminal and fraud investigations by extracting location histories, communication records, access logs, photos, videos, and app data that serve as evidence.

Our certified mobile forensics examiners use legal methods to recover deleted content and dig into mobiles to uncover the truth.


How Do Mobile Forensic Checks Work?

Our forensic investigations team utilises court-validated tools and methodologies to legally extract and analyse mobile data. Key steps include:

Data Extraction – We physically connect devices to our forensic workstations and use advanced software to create bit-for-bit logical copies of all content and metadata. This allows inspection without altering original device data.

Deleted Data Recovery – Using the full logical copy, our examiners scour free space, storage logs, and backups to uncover deleted content like text messages, photos, videos, app data, and more that often retains tremendous insights.

Timestamp Analysis – By studying metadata like timestamps and geotags, our investigators can recreate detailed timelines and location histories associated with files, messages, emails, access logs, and other events.

Linkage Analysis – We correlate contacts, usernames, addresses, numbers, and other identifiers found across apps, messages, emails, and various phone logs to expose communication trails and patterns.

Reporting & Expert Witness – Our forensic examiners create investigation reports detailing methodology, findings, event timelines, data extracts, and expert analysis. We can also serve as expert witnesses if needed to present evidence in court or internal proceedings.


Why Trust Global Investigations for Mobile Forensics?

With decades of digital forensics experience, Global Investigations offers reliable, legally-defensible mobile investigations. Key advantages include:

> Court-Validated Tools & Methodology

> Custom-Tailored Examinations

> Deleted Data Recovery Capabilities

> Expert Analysis & Reporting

> Ability to Uncover Full Communication Trails

> Extensive Experience as Expert Witnesses

> Strong Track Record Presenting Evidence in Court

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Mobile Phone Data Recovery & Analysis

Has your mobile device been lost, stolen or damaged? We utilise advanced data recovery tools to extract as much data as possible from iOS and Android devices, including deleted content. This gives you a backup copy and allows further analysis if needed.


Mobile Device Data Wiping & Destruction

For mobile devices no longer in use, we offer certified data destruction services to permanently wipe phones and tablets to Department of Defense standards. This applies to individual devices or entire corporate fleets. Chain-of-custody reporting provided.


Mobile Forensics FAQs

Our forensic examinations recover deleted call logs, text messages, emails, photos, videos, voicemails, app data, location history, search queries, passwords, and more – basically most digital breadcrumbs left behind.

Yes, we utilise additional tools and legal processes to access associated cloud application data, such as Apple iCloud, Google accounts, and various social media accounts accessed on the device.

We have extensive experience examining both personal mobiles and corporate-owned devices while maintaining proper chain-of-custody requirements. All examinations are conducted legally and ethically.

Our lab examines mobile phones, tablets, laptops, drones, wearables, IoT devices, and pretty much any device with digital storage. We handle the latest iPhone and Android devices as well as older models.

As licensed investigators with court-validated tools and methodology, our findings comply with legal evidence standards and can be presented in court proceedings. We have broad experience serving as expert witnesses.