Case Study – My fiancé is going on a girls’ holiday and I’m worried she’ll cheat

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 We have been asked by many clients to observe their partners or spouses while they are on holiday with friends, just in case they stray. In these kinds of matrimonial cases, we tend to place agents in the same hotel or accommodation as the subject of enquiry to do some discreet surveillance.

 On this occasion, our client asked us to do some surveillance on his fiancé, who was going to stay with some girlfriends in an upmarket London hotel. We had agents stay in the same hotel, tasked with observing the subject of enquiry during the evenings. They also observed her during breakfast, so they could eavesdrop on her conversations with the other girls and learn more about their ‘activities’ the previous night. There was also a further team of three agents who followed the subject on nights out to restaurants and bars.

 Our agents reported that, on the whole, the subject ‘behaved’ very well. The only minor exceptions were when she flirted drunkenly with some men outside a bar, and undertook hubba bubba pipe smoking – which she’d told our client she’d stopped doing.

Our client decided that he could trust his partner being away from home, and that she was only engaging in minor indulgences as a result of being with her closest friends. They went on to marry in 2014.

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