Suspicious about something? Do something about it. Hire a private investigator in London

Calling upon the services of a London private investigator can sometimes be the only way to allay your suspicions that something is going on that shouldn’t be. London private detectives are equipped with the know-how, experience and technical capabilities that you may not be.

Your employee could be feigning sick leave, breaching contract, or committing fraud or theft within the workplace. Perhaps you have questions over your partner’s fidelity. Or maybe you are concerned that your own privacy is being unlawfully invaded – for example, that you are being bugged.

Hire private detectives in London and get to the bottom of it.

Suspicions are not proof. Circumstantial evidence is persuasive, but unless there is an overwhelming amount of it, it isn’t enough for you to take action. Sometimes hard evidence sought by professionals in the field of investigation is the only way you can move forward and put your suspicions to rest. A private investigator London can help.

Why choose Global Investigations?

Your partner coming home late, with strange perfume smells on them, is not proof. Suspicions of others that your employee is not abiding by the rules is not proof. A feeling that you are being watched or listened to unlawfully is not proof. Hire a private investigator London from Global Investigations and you will have the benefit of the agency’s extensive knowledge, skills and technology to find the proof you’re looking for.

Global Investigations detective agency can undertake background checks, undercover surveillance and even forensic evaluation in a laboratory, examining DNA, fingerprints, bodily fluids and handwriting. We have equipment that we use to track people and vehicles. We have state of the art bug sweeping devices that can search your home or workplace for hidden cameras or listening devices.

Private Investigator London - Private Investigations London

Global Investigations has assembled a vast collection of investigation experts, bi-lingual private detectives and a legion of London, national and international contacts. Our team has combined experience amounting to more than 80 years and we pride ourselves in delivering results quickly. While professional and discreet at all times, we are also extremely friendly and sensitive to clients’ needs, appreciating that investigations are often stressful for those who instigate them.

It’s not always about misdeeds – let us help your business.

The detective work carried out by Global Investigations is not always about allaying fears and suspicions over misdeeds at work or at home. We are also well-versed in a range of business services, undertaking risk analysis, competitor intelligence enquiries and mystery shopping trips to help businesses succeed and stand out. We can help with legal quandaries such as debt recovery, by serving documents and making doorstep enquiries. We are also highly-experienced tracing experts and can locate people globally in as little as 6 hours. In 2013, Global Investigations won the Acquisition International M&A Award for the UK Tracing Firm of the Year.

So if you need to hire a private investigator in London or in the Wimbledon Area, give us a call today or fill out the form below. Let us help you find the answers you seek – and the proof you need.

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