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“I wonder where he’s going?” Wonder no more… Find out by hiring a private investigator in South London.

Getting a private investigator in South London to place trackers on vehicles and phones sounds like something that only happens in the movies. But here at Global Investigations, we do it every day. Thanks to the technology boom, it has become much easier to provide proof of people’s misdeeds. If you live in South London, and you have suspicions that you want to allay, why not hire a private investigator in South London to track the subject of your suspicions.


A cheating boyfriend, a lying husband or wife, or a dishonest employee?

Trusting people isn’t always the safest bet. People can be dishonest and take advantage. It may be that your employee is off gallivanting when they should be working, or carrying on another job when their contract forbids it. It may be that your partner is leading a double life. They could be cheating, or perhaps they have a job or commitment they are keeping from you. You want to know the truth – and you want proof.

Enlisting the help of a private investigator in South London can bring you the answers you seek, and the proof you need to take action. Global Investigations, specialists in tracking, tracing, surveillance and all kinds of investigative services, is the private detectives’ agency in South London you are looking for.


Why choose Global Investigations?

An experienced private investigator in South London from Global Investigations can track people using the latest, state of the art tracking technology. One of our methods is the use of GPS to track a person’s mobile phone. This is a simple yet accurate way of discovering a person’s whereabouts at any time of day, determining location, duration and speed of travel.

We also use reliable vehicle trackers, which are often installed on company vehicles so employers can make sure their employees are where they say are. We only use the best, most reliable and most covert trackers on the market, with no charging ports and no identifying markers. They also have the ability to tell us immediately when a car has started moving, plus its speed and direction.

Private Investigator in South London - Global Investigations

In addition to our first-rate technology and resources, we also bring clients the benefit of 80 years combined experience. We can investigate and assist with all kinds of matters using all kinds of methods and expertise. We can do undercover surveillance, background checks, serving of legal documents, doorstep enquiries, intelligence gathering and forensic evaluation. We have bug sweeping devices that can search your home or workplace for listening devices and hidden cameras. We can trace missing persons in as little as 6 hours and won the Acquisition International M&A Award for the UK Tracing Firm of the Year in 2013.


We can help your business.

We don’t just investigate suspicious activity. We also provide a range of business services in South London and beyond, including risk analysis, competitor intelligence enquiries and mystery shopping trips to help businesses stand out from the crowd. We can assist with debt recovery, and our national and international tracing skills can help with finding customers who owe you money. Hire a private investigator in London or a private investigator in South London from Global Investigations and you will not be disappointed with the results.

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