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Hire a private investigator in Croydon to put your suspicions of fraud to rest.

It goes without saying that not everyone in this world acts with integrity and honesty, and a private investigator in Croydon knows this better than anyone. If you have suspicions of fraud in a transaction you are planning to make, enlisting the help of a private investigator in Croydon is very sensible due diligence. Fraud is a criminal offence, but police investigation is not always practical or effective, and depending on the case, it is often not a priority for them. Global Investigations has a wealth of experience conducting fraud investigations, which includes investigating seller’s fraud, fake companies and bribery.


Fraud on the inside.

It is not just in dealing with other companies that businesses might encounter fraud. Fraud will sometimes happen within your own organisation. An employee could be committing fraud, but without a thorough investigation by a private detectives’ agency, you may never have the proof you need to take action.

If your workplace is in Croydon, consider a Global Investigations private investigator in Croydon to get to the bottom of your suspicions. We will look into such fraudulent employee activity as making false time claims, using a company vehicle and fuel allowance for personal business, and other misrepresentations in their expenses. We can also investigate employee theft and absenteeism.

Why choose Global Investigations?

We have 80 years of combined experience and industry insight. We have a team of professional, approachable and enthusiastic fraud experts who will make sure they get to the truth of your concerns. We do background checks, undercover surveillance and even forensic examination.

We are equipped with up-to-the-minute, state of the art technology and a network of Croydon, national and international contacts for those clients who want to track a person they suspect of wrongdoing.


Private Investigator in Croydon - Global Investigations


We can also trace a missing person or employee who has gone AWOL and are known for being able to locate people globally in as little as 6 hours. In 2013, we won the Acquisition International M&A Award for the UK Tracing Firm of the Year. While professional and discreet at all times, we are also extremely friendly and sensitive to clients’ needs.

In what other ways can a private investigator in Croydon help?

Global Investigations Private Investigator in Croydon or Clapham area offers an array of business services, including gathering competitor intelligence, doing risk analysis and conducting mystery shopping assignments. We can help businesses recover unpaid debts. This might be at the initial stage, in situations where you might be uncertain of your debtor’s location. In these circumstances, we utilise our well-honed tracing skills, vast resources and national and worldwide contacts to track down your debtor.

Once their location is established, we can help by visiting them and establishing a dialogue, or, if that fails, by serving legal documents on them. We can also help at the enforcement stage by using asset tracing techniques to find well-hidden assets that debtors do not want the courts to know about. We also conduct investigations into partner infidelity and other forms of secret-keeping.

There is no end to the ways in which we can help you in Croydon. So give us a call on 08000 733 555 today or fill in the form below, and our private investigators in London will get the ball rolling.