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Find out if your partner is cheating on you by hiring a private investigator in Hounslow.

It isn’t always easy to trust someone, but a private investigator in Hounslow will help get to the bottom of your suspicions. A private detective from a reputable detectives’ agency will get you the proof you need to take action. A covert investigation can also demonstrate that your partner is in fact not cheating on you, and help build a stronger relationship of trust between the two of you.


Turn your suspicions into proof with the help of a private detective.

Suspicions are not proof. Circumstantial evidence is persuasive, but it often isn’t enough for you to take action. Sometimes hard evidence sought by professionals in the field of investigation is the only of proving whether your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or civil partner is cheating on you. It may be that it’s not your partner causing you concern, but your employee.

Perhaps you suspect them of feigning sick or long-term absence leave, or of committing fraud. In all these cases, a private investigator can help.


Why choose Global Investigations?

There are many benefits to hiring a private investigator in Hounslow from the Global Investigations detective agency. We strive to be the best at what we do and we are backed by 80 years of combined experience and insight. We can track a suspected cheating partner or lying employee using the latest, state of the art tracking technology. One of our methods is the use of GPS to track a person’s mobile phone. This is a simple yet accurate way of discovering a person’s whereabouts at any time of day, determining location, duration and speed of travel.

We also use reliable vehicle trackers, which are often installed on company vehicles so employers can make sure their employees are where they say are. We only use the best, most reliable and most covert trackers on the market, with no charging ports and no identifying markers. They have the ability to tell us immediately when a car has started moving, plus its speed and direction.

Private Investigator in Hounslow - Global Investigations

If you are determined to find out exactly what your partner or employee is doing when they get to where they’re going, our covert surveillance service could be the way forward. We have a variety of experienced, fast-thinking, patient and conscientious male and female operatives who are always equipped for every eventuality.


From affairs of the heart to the affairs of business.

It may sound surprising, but in addition to proving marital and relationship misdeeds, or investigating other misconduct or criminal activity, we help businesses to grow. It is often the case that businesses fail in their first five years thanks to a lack of proper market and competitor intelligence. We gather this for businesses, so they can make the right decisions moving forward.

We also conduct risk analysis and mystery shopping assignments. We can assist businesses with debt recovery, including the serving of legal documents, doorstep enquiries, debtor tracing and asset tracing.

If you live and Hounslow and you have questions that need answering, give us a call on 08000 733 555 or fill in the form below. Robust, steadfast and effective, a Global Investigations private investigator in London, Hounslow or Croydon area will get you your answers.