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Employment or work tracing is a very common occurrence in today’s business world. Companies are often in a position where they need to lend large amounts of money, allow purchases on credit, and even handle lending agreements.

Unfortunately, many of these often fall through because a debtor is unable to make a repayment. This can be critical for a company and if not sorted, may even lead to a company’s demise.

It is essential that you try to understand your potential debtor’s financial circumstances as much as possible before making any financial agreements.

Unfortunately, though, even if you make every effort possible to ensure you are only lending or giving credit to those who will be able to pay, there will always be some who forfeit payments. This is simply because of the ongoing turbulent financial environment we find ourselves in.

When Would I Need Employment Tracing Services?

There will be times when those who say they can’t pay – actually can.

Employment tracing can help you recover this debt and can truly be the difference between getting your money back and losing it forever.

How Can We Help You with Employment Tracing?

Employer tracing is an art and is something that our detective agents take great pride in being successful at. We undertake hundreds of employer requests on a month-by-month basis, and although it is often a difficult task, it is also incredibly rewarding, and we enjoy seeing our success rates continue to rise.

We are an agency with unquestionable intelligence and awareness when it comes to dealing with clients’ troublesome non-payers. Our agents can skilfully trace and check the subject in question and find out what their status is. For instance, if they are currently employed, who their employer is, or if they are on government benefits. We will also discover if they have set up their own company and are now self-employed or if they are being supported by their partner.

How Long Does Employment Tracing Take?

Each of our employment tracing cases is worked to the very best of our ability and to as efficient a timescale as possible. Each case is unique, so depending on the specific circumstances, timescales can vary from 48 hours to 20 working days. Although we are happy to expedite cases if required.

We do request clients appreciate that certain aspects of this work can be time-consuming, and it is better to be slightly slower and accurate, rather than speedy and incorrect.

Please note that in addition to working in the business-to-business industry, we also work for the private market in tracing employers. We are often called upon by the Child Support Agency (CSA), where we work to discover employer knowledge on absent parents and partners. We will happily work alongside and be instructed by the case solicitors or in some cases, the present parent/partner.

We are an extremely professional agency and can assure you all your cases will be worked upon under our strict code of ethics and organisational principles and according to our moralistic methodology. This means you can be assured that when using the web and email, our work is sent securely and encrypted for maximum safety and that everything will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

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