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If you only have a person’s number but no address, we can help you!

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Whether you’re receiving high volumes of calls from an unknown caller or are on the receiving end of harassing communications, we can offer you our telephone tracing service.

Our experienced profilers have access to up to date in house tracing equipment that guarantees results. No matter your situation, we can help you find an address from a phone number, whether it’s from the UK or overseas.


Can You Find Someone’s Address with Their Phone Number?

Under very lucky circumstances, you can sometimes find a name and address for a phone number by simply entering it into a search engine such as Google. However, this method rarely works and, in some cases, can give you outdated, or even false information.

At Global Investigations, we use professional in-house tools and public records to track down information connected to telephone numbers. Our investigators have a wealth of experience using these resources, and will give you more reliable information than you are likely to obtain yourself.


How Long Does It Take to Trace an Address from a Telephone Number?

Like with all cases, this can vary. However, our agents aim to fulfil all address tracing requests within 1 – 3 days.


How We Can Help

Address tracing by telephone numbers is undertaken and accomplished by Global Investigations every week.

This affordable service offers a high success rate, and we are fully committed to always protecting our clients’ confidentiality.

Contact us today and liaise with a member of the team that will explain how our phone number tracing service works, and how are we are able to find addresses from telephone numbers. 

Please understand we act legally and will not undertake anything we find illegal or suspicious or is seen as harassment.

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