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Business Tracing and Volume Tracing

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Business Tracing and Volume Tracing

Batch tracing and volume tracing is ideal for when you need to track down multiple customers, who have somehow disappeared off your radar, leaving debt. This service helps you clean up your books, keep your accounts tidy and above all, recover all important monies that are owed to your business.


How can we help with business volume tracing?

We are an extremely focused organisation and this focus has enabled us to develop into one of the best, most accurate and professional information tracers in the industry. We specialise in tracing people, employers, assets and collating all the information we find for our clients in a precise and efficient manner.

The information we find will enable you to make contact with the subjects in question and, in turn, make informed decisions on each of your debtor accounts. We are committed to making the tracing process as efficient as possible, so we will always strive to locate your subjects quickly and discreetly.

Our highly trained, professional agents will attempt to trace both home and employer addresses for each and every subject you submit within the batch, no matter how many there are and whatever the circumstances. Although the process will always be easier with detailed information, our agents will still be able to trace the subjects with as little as a name and old address. You can therefore rest assured that each of your cases will be treated with the same respect and dedication we apply to all our other cases.

We truly believe we have the finest tracers in the UK industry working for us. All our agents are professional, accurate and work under strict procedures and Data Protection Act (DPA) guidelines. Our agents are also experts in retrieving OSINT (open-source intelligence) and are trained to glean information quickly and with minimal amounts of fuss and inconvenience to others.


Volume Tracing

We feel that our impressive resources and agents are best utilised in volume tracing. This is where we take on caseload debtors and accounts. We are happy to batch work in volumes in the hundreds, or even thousands, and will always tailor-make our solutions to suit you, the client.

Depending on your requirements, we can stagger the return of the cases or can return them all at once if you prefer. The timescale of our traces can vary on a case by case basis, from 6 hrs. to 30 days and is also dependant on how much initial information we have.

Our offices are happy to receive the case information and data in any format. We do ask that you supply us with as much information to the cases as you can, to help us trace the most recent address for the subject. Our field agents are always happy to call in on these addresses if you require it for confirmation.

We are extremely proud to work with a number of well-known household brands and have built up an impeccable and continuous client list that includes many high street banks, lenders, press and media institutions. You can therefore be assured in hiring us, you will be in good company.

We operate on a No Trace, No Fee basis, so if we have not identified the correct home or employer addresses, you will not have to pay. Our business tracing services are also offered with guarantees of up to 60 days that the subject in question will live at the address or work for the employer we identify. If the subject has moved or does not work for the employer we state, we will, of course, credit the enquiry and recommence the search.


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All our traces are completed under DPA guidelines. This means all the information and data collected is found in a legal manner and offered within the public domain.