Pre Sues And Status Reports

More and more people are starting to request a pre sues and status report service on a daily basis because the information found is of such great use when people have to manage and deal with mid to large debts. This type of service is especially useful when an address for a debtor has been found but the contact is not forthcoming with payment. This process therefore acts as a midway position between full litigation and court action.

  • Are you chasing a large debt?
  • Do you need advice on whether your debtor is able to pay you?
  • Is your debtor refusing to acknowledge their debt?
  • Do you need to know where your debtor works or what assets they have?

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If so how can we help?

It is in our open source intelligence (OSINT), internet profiling, web and data trawling where we are true market leaders. We are able to use our resources and expert knowledge to gather information where our competitors simply cannot.

We offer cost-effective solutions for status report work and can return them to you in an extremely timely fashion which means you can take control and resolve the debt issue as soon as possible.

Our team of experts are incredibly well versed with the Data Protection Act (DPA) and its requirements, so you can be assured that all work undertaken on your behalf will be done so ethically and within the realms of the law.

Our pre-sue and status reports are an incredibly vital part of the debt recovery process for our clients. This is because they helpfully supplement our tracing work and are a very useful tool to have, as they are essentially substantial pieces of evidence. Our reports can be submitted as legal confirmation when subjects are refusing to acknowledge debt or denying themselves at their given address.

It is incredibly important our clients are able to make informed decisions on debts and their debtors quickly and accurately. We aim to ensure this is possible through our professional, in-depth reports which are designed to evaluate the probability of your subject returning your outlay.

We start this process by providing you with confirmation of the address you have given us for the subject. Once we have the address confirmed, we start building a case, based on and including the following:

  • Locating contact numbers and identifying possible points of contact for you or your team
  • Revealing the status of the debtor: If they’re working, we will uncover the name of their last known employer, contact number, their position and working hours. If required, we will also tell you what salary they receive
  • Checking for home ownership; confirming who owns the property; revealing the purchase price and any other helpful details from the mortgage
  • Checking to see if they’ve been taken to court before; supplying you with these details and any County Court Judgements that we find
  • Conducting a press and media check to see if they are known for any reason
  • Investigating if they have shares or stocks in their name
  • Checking for bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Director and business searches.

All of our investigative work is undertaken within designated and approved timescales, starting from 5 days. We also offer an incredibly affordable rate for multiple enquires which starts from just £75.00 plus VAT.

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If you require more details regarding this service or would like to speak to one of our team with experience in the matter, please contact us today.

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